Genealogical Database of Bosque County, Texas and Texas Norwegians

This database is a linked genealogical database currently containing over 134,000 names and is intended to contain genealogical information on descendants/ancestors of any person that has ever lived in Bosque County or of any Norwegian that has lived in Texas, assuming that person can be linked to someone else in the database.  You can browse this webpage containing a complete list of names although the page is quite large (~5 MB) and may take a while to load and browse. There is also a searchable index to this database found on the Bosque County Historical Commission website. The database is maintained by Bruce Wiland, currently a member of the Bosque County Historical Commission.

What is a linked database? A linked database is one in which everyone in it must be connected in some way or another to any other person in the database. This may be as a direct descendant, as a blood relative, as an in-law, or as an in-law of an in-law, etc. As families marry into other families, an intricate web of connections is created. For any person in the database, one can connect to any other person in the database though it could be a long torturous route. However, it is often a closer connection than one might think.

The database currently contains information from the following sources:

If you desire additional information from the database on persons to whom you are related, contact Bruce Wiland (

The database is being continually updated and names added.  If you would like to contribute genealogical information on your family to the database to assist researchers in the future, please contact Bruce Wiland. Information will be accepted in any form although electronic information (e.g., GEDCOM) is preferred and less likely to create typographical errors from transcription.

Since names are added from a number of sources, duplicated names often occur in the database. Since complete information (birth dates, death dates, spouses, and/or parents) is not available for every person, it is often difficult to tell whether these are the same person or different persons with the same name. Click here to look at a text file of the duplicated names. Each paired line shows some information (birthdate, deathdate, parents, spouse) for each duplicated name. If you have any additional information that would help determine whether these are the same or different persons, please contact Bruce Wiland.