Casa View Elementary School, Dallas TX, First Grade Class 1-B (Miss Webb), 1958-1959

The following photo is Miss Cecillian Webb's first grade class at Casa View Elementary School (Dallas TX) in 1958-1959. There is a photo with the names superimposed at the bottom of this page. I have posted the photo and class roster on the web in hope that someone will Google their name and help me associate the names in the roster with the faces in the photo. If you have information, please email me, Bruce Wiland, at
Back Row (L to R): 1) James Smart?, 2) unidentified boy, 3) Sandra Landsberg, 4) Linda Janousek, 5) Mike Shepherd?, 6) Linda Hammons, 7) Susan Turner, 8) Warren Fultcher
Middle Row (L to R): 1) Gary Hensarling, 2) Keith Martin, 3) Carla Blomquist, 4) unidentified boy, 5) unidentified boy, 6) Diane Martin, 7) Charmayne Stewart
Front Row (L to R): 1) unidentified girl, 2) Bruce Wiland, 3) Brock Beach, 4) Jimmy Moss, 5) Jinny Meagher, 6) Patti Wooldridge, 7) Cathey Parker, 8) Joan Henson
Teacher: Miss Cecillian Webb (1903-1988)

Only 23 children (11 boys and 12 girls) of the 27 children (12 boys and 15 girls) in the class are shown in the photo. Judy Lindsay, Chuck Prewitt, and 2 other girls were not present for the photo. Many thanks to Carla Blomquist for providing most of the identifications to-date and to Judy Lindsay Donohue and Jim Moss for some others.

Download a high resolution version of the photo (9 MB TIFF file)

The following is a table of the children in Class 1-B (view the roster of names with addresses and parents' names in PDF format)
The names highlighted in blue have been identified in the photo above. The names highlighted in yellow were not present for the photo.

Girls' Names High School Graduated
Carla Patricia Blomquist Bryan Adams (Dallas TX)
Kathyrn Bowling  
Lana Lee Erickson (Stinnett) McKinney H.S. (McKinney TX)
Linda Susan Hammons (Monk) Bryan Adams H.S. (Dallas TX)
Joan Henson Bryan Adams H.S. (Dallas TX)
Linda Marie Janousek (Pohlman) Bryan Adams H.S. (Dallas TX)
Sandra Lee Landsberg (Burke) Hillcrest H.S. (Dallas TX)
Judy Margaret Lindsay (Donohue)  
Diane Martin  
Jinny Meagher attended Bryan Adams H.S.
Cathey Ann Parker moved out of state in 5th grade
Charmayne Stewart (Dickhaut) Woodrow Wilson H.S. (Dallas TX)
Susan Elaine Turner (1951-1994) attended Lake Highlands H.S.
Diane Waller  
Patti Wooldridge (Pedigo) Bryan Adams H.S. (Dallas TX)
Boys' Names High School Graduated
Billy Brock Beach Bryan Adams H.S. (Dallas TX)
Warren Dale Fulcher attended Lake Highlands H.S.
Gary Bennett Hensarling Bryan Adams H.S. (Dallas TX)
William Hubert "Billy" Kuhn III (1952-2007)  
Vernon Keith Martin  
Thomas Garland "Tommy" Morgan Jr  
Frederick James "Jimmy" Moss III Lake Highlands H.S. (Dallas TX)
Charles Wilson "Chuck" Prewitt Garland H.S. (Garland TX)
Mike Shepherd Bryan Adams H.S. (Dallas TX)
James Stephen Smart Bryan Adams H.S. (Dallas TX)
Thomas Russell Taylor Woodrow Wilson H.S. (Dallas TX)
Bruce Lane Wiland W. T. White H.S. (Dallas TX)