The Family of Ole Pedersen Hove and Rangdi Olsdatter Røen

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Ole Pedersen Hove
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This site is dedicated to providing and soliciting genealogical information (photos, documents, stories, etc.) on the family of Ole Pedersen Hove and Rangdi Olsdatter Røen. The Hove Family came from the Valdres region of Norway. Valdres is a valley in Oppland fylke in central Norway and is comprised of the following six kommune: Etendal, Nord-Aurdal, Sor-Aurdal, Vang, Vestre Slidre, Østre Slidre (see map).

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Biography of Ole Pedersen Hove and Rangdi Olsdatter Røen

Ole Pedersen, the son of Peder Olsen and Astri Knudsdatter, was born about 1795 on a subfarm (bruk) of the Hove main farm (gard) in Rogne, Østre Slidre, Oppland. Hove is geographically located in Valdres, a large valley in the middle of southern Norway, northwest of Oslo. The Hove gard has been variously written as Hovi, Hovie, Haavi, and Haave. The Hove main farm was once long ago a very large farm, but it had been subdivided into 32 subfarms by 1886 and 145 subfarms by 1950. Farm, as it is used hereafter, will refer to a bruk or subfarm of Hove gard unless otherwise indicated.

Following the history of the family farm is somewhat confusing, but it appears that the the original family farm came into being sometime in the mid-1600's and was called Nigarden Høve (Gnr 45, Bnr1). Ole’s grandfather took possesion of the farm in 1752 but had financial difficulties and eventually had to sell. Somehow, Ole’s father Peder managed to reestablish ownership to a portion of the property and it became known as Skogen (Gnr 45, Bnr 28). Ole was mostly likely born on this farm. The 1801 Norway census for the entire Hove gard (spelled Haavi in the census) shows Ole (age 6) and parents Peder Olssen (age 36) and Astri Knudsdotter (age39). Ole took over the Skogen farm from his parents and lived out his entire life on the farm. He also owned the farm Mørsengbraaten (Gnr 45, Bnr 29), but it is not clear whether Mørsengbraaten was purchased separately or formed from part of Skogen. Over the years Ole sold parts of Skogen and those part became their own subfarms. Ole was living on Mørsengbraaten in the 1820's.

Ole’s wife Rangdi Olsdatter, daughter of Ole Knudsen and Ragnild Monsdatter, was born around 1799 on the farm Røn Søndre in Ron Parish. Rangdi was a widow when she married Ole. The name of Rangdi’s first husband or whether she had children in her first marriage has not yet been determined. Ole and Rangdi married on 11 Oct 1821 at the Rogne church. Ole (age 71) is listed in the 1865 Norway census as living on Hove-Skougen (Lnr 316a) with son Peder, daughter Mali, and their respective families. Ole’s wife Rangdi is not listed and must have died by this date.

Ole and Rangdi had at least eight children: Peder, Knud(I), Ragnhild, Knud(II), Ole, Mali, Rangdi, and Marit. Ole died at the young age of 3 months. The other seven of these children emigrated to the United States. Ole and Rangdi may have had at least one other child that either died young, did not emigrate, or emigrated without that knowledge being passed down. Ole's mother's name was Astri. It is strange that none of Ole and Rangdi’s children were named Astrid as would have been typical. The 1865 Norway census shows an Ole Olsen on Hove-Skogen who is 43 years old. This would be about the correct age for a child between Peder and Knud(I), but no record has yet been found of his birth to Ole and Rangdi in the parish records, so he likely belongs to another family.

Their Children

Ole and Rangdi had eight children. Seven of them emigrated to America. Click on one of the children below (if there is a link) to see further information on that child.


Peder Olsen

Married Margit Ellingsdatter Bækkestad in Norway. They had three children born in Norway. Emigrated to the United States around 1875 with wife and two sons (a daughter had emigrated earlier in 1867). Later married Anne Bergsbakken after first wife died. Died in Wisconsin in 1900 at the age of 78 and was buried in Outagamie County Cemetery in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Baptismal Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 2, 1814-1830, s.184s , #35)
Confirmation Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 4, 1831-1848, s.98, #9)


Knud Olsen Hovie

Married Karen Helen Jensdatter. They had 9 children, all born in Norway. Emigrated to the United States (date unknown) with wife and probably all of the living children. Located in Manitowoc County WI in 1880 census. Died in Custer County, Nebraska at the age of 68 and was buried in Round Rock Cemetery near Comstock, Nebraska.

Baptismal Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 2, 1814-1830, s.186g, #1)
Confirmation Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 4, 1831-1848, s.104, #7)


Ragnhild Olsdatter

Married first to Kristen LNU. They had one child born in Norway. Married second to Halsten Fredriksen Gottenborg. They had four children, all born in Norway. Emigrated to the United States around 1876 as a widow. At least three of the children also emigrated. Located in Ransom Co ND in 1885 Dakota Territory census. Died in Ransom County, North Dakota in 1911 at the age of 83 and was buried in Saint Paul Cemetery in Ransom Co ND.

Baptismal Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 2, 1814-1830, s.266-267, #21)
Confirmation Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 4, 1831-1848, s.109, #38)


Knud Olsen (Rye/Rea)

Married Astrid Tidemandsdatter Hilmen in Norway. Their first six children were born in Norway. Emigrated to the United States in 1867 with wife and five living children. Settled in Manitowoc County WI. They had four more children born in Wisconsin for a total of ten children. Died in Manitowoc County WI in 1900 at the age of 69 and was buried in Our Savior's Lutheran Cemetery in Norse, Bosque County, Texas.

Baptismal Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 2, 1814-1830, s.348-349, #29)
Confirmation Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 4, 1831-1848, s.115, #45)


Ole Olsen

Ole died at the age of 3 months and 2 days. He was born and buried in Norway.

Baptismal Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 4, 1831-1848, s. 16, #16)
Baptimal Record (Slidre Klokkerbok nr. 2, 1814-1839, s.352-353, #10)
Burial Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 4, 1831-1848, s.151, #31)
Burial Record (Slidre Klokkerbok nr. 2, 1814-1839, s.256-257, #19)


Mali Olsdatter

Married Haldor Haldorsen Berge in Norway. Their first three children were born in Norway. Emigrated to the United States in 1867 with her husband and three children and her brother Knud Rye's family. Located in McLeod County MN in 1870 census.They had four more children born in Minnesota. Located in Traill County, Dakota Territory in 1885 territorial census. Located in Ransom County ND in 1900 census. Died in Ransom County ND in 1905 at the age of 70 and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Lisbon, Ransom County, North Dakota.

Baptismal Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 4, 1831-1848, s. 24, #55)
Baptimal Record (Slidre Klokkerbok nr. 2, 1814-1839, s.366-367, #36)
Confirmation Record (Øystre Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 1, 1849-1874, s. 122, #51)


Rangdi Olsdatter

Emigrated to the United States sometime before 1870. Married Bernt Jørgensen Sandvold in 1870, probably in Minnesota. No known children. Died in Minnesota in 1914 at the age of 75 and was buried in Lands Church Cemetery in Zumbrota, Goodhue County, Minnesota.

Baptismal Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 4, 1831-1848, s. 42, #46)
Baptimal Record (Slidre Klokkerbok nr. 2, 1814-1839, s.605-606, #27)
Confirmation Record (Øystre Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 1, 1849-1874, s. 129, #25)


Marit Olsdatter

Emigrated to the United States sometime before 1868. Located first in Wisconsin. Married Lars Bottolfsen (Lewis Butler). They had nine children. Located in Freeborn County MN in 1880 census. By 1900 census, located in Spokane County WA. Died in Spokane WA in 1915 when struck by a train at the age of 73. She was buried in Fairmount Memorial Park Cemetery in Spokane, Washington..

Baptimal Record (Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 3, 1831-1843, s.74, #61)
Confirmation Record (Øystre Slidre Ministerialbok nr. 1, 1849-1874, s. 136, #48)


None currently available.

Hove/Hovi Family Tree (four generations)

Ole Pedersen Hove and Rangdi Olsdatter Røen had 8 children, 38 grandchildren, 146 great grandchildren, and 218 known great great grandchildren. Those shown in red are known to be deceased. "---" indicates that there were no descendants because the person died young, did not marry, or was known to have no children. "?" indicates that it is not know whether there were descendants. As of January 28, 2018, we have identified 1,626 total descendants.

Forebears First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
(great grandchildren)
Fourth Generation
(gg grandchildren)
Ole Pedersen Hove Peder Skogen Rangdi Pedersdatter Hove Mina Ostby Arthur Rangmar Meisner
Rudolph Thomas Meisner
Martha Belle Meisner
Francis Herbert Meisner
Bernice Ethel Meisner
Martha T____ Ostby Palmer Bernhard Simonson
Raymon Simonson
Edward Stanley Simonson
Ruth Myrtle Anderson
Randi Ostby Elder Barnhardt Brekken
Ruth Josephine Brekken
Thelma Juliet Brekken
Bernice Pearl Brekken
Milton Reginald Brekken
Wayne Curtis Brekken
Esther Lorene Dawn Brekken
Kenneth Morris Brekken
Borli Ostby Rheda Bernes Senzig
Norman Senzig
Kenneth Senzig
Paul Bernie Senzig
Pauline Katherine Senzig
Willard Vernon Senzig
Emma Inger Ostby Rosella Bohm
John Herbert Ellsworth Bohm
Edwin Bernard Bohm
Beatrice Bohm
Oline Pauline Ostby Gertrude Rangdi Peterson
Randi Genevieve Peterson
Pearl Borghild Peterson
Thor Gordon Peterson
Ole Peterson Anna M____ Peterson ???
Olene Martina Peterson Lyle Clifford Moore
James Tyler Moore
Bertha Loretta Moore
Inez Wilma Moore
Peter Peterson ---
Martin Peterson ???
Otto John Peterson ---
________ Peterson ---
________ Peterson ---
Nellie Peterson ---
Emma I____ Peterson ---
Bertha Peterson ???
Elling Peterson Peter Peterson Stanley Walton Peterson
Mary Pearl Peterson
Johannah Marie Peterson Charlotte Cornell
Marion Cornell
Elmor Peterson ---
Oskar Emeleius Peterson Stanford Leitzke Peterson
Genevieve Charlotte Peterson
Ward Kenneth Peterson
Albert Leonard Peterson ---
Martin Theadore Peterson Gordon Lawrence Peterson
Virginia Fern Peterson
Edwin Palmer Peterson Lurlene Peterson
Dennis Lee Peterson
Johan Melvin Peterson John Delano Peterson
Robert Arthur Peterson
Florence Myrtle Peterson Shirley M____ Geschrei
Robert J____ Geschrei
Rudolph Peterson ---
Nettie Peterson ---
Knud Hovie Anne Marie Knudsdatter ??? ???
Ole Hovie Hannah Hovie Mildred Helen Thompson
Thora Oline Thompson
Oscar T. Thompson
Sophie Hovie Alfred Markusen
Ilene Kathrine Markusen
Selmer Markusen
Ethel Olga Markusen
Orville Edward Markusen
Lester Adolph Markusen
Lena Oline Hovie Paul Orwin Ramseth
Borghild Inga Ramseth
Harold Ralph Ramseth
Marvin Carl Ramseth
Ethel Helena Ramseth
Oliver Charles Ramseth
Carl Nicolia Hovie Agnes Hovie
Ida Regine Hovie Bernard Henry Jarek
Lawrence Orville Jarek
Lucila Mildred Jarek
Blanche Ileno Jarek
Esther Ruth Jarek
Grace Helen Jarek
Peter Martinius Hovie ???
Otto Ingvald Hovie Arvilla Hovie
John Oskar Hovie Robert Hovie
Anita Hovie
Adolph Herbert Hovie Everett Adolf Hovie
John Adelbert Hovie
Melvin Theodore Hovie Geraldine Lucinda Hovie
Melvin Theodore Hovie Jr
Clarence Elmer Hovie Phyllis Marian Hovie
Lena Hovie Alexander Hamilton Stone Viola Stone
Evelyn Stone
John Stone
Edith Stone
A____ Wayne Stone
Heber Charles Stone
Warren Stone
Clarence Roy Stone Faith Stone
Robert Harold Stone Olene L____ Stone
Elaine J____ Stone
Mamie M____ Stone
Robert W____ Stone
Harold V____ Stone
Dorothea Stone
Wallace Stone
Charlotte Joan Stone
Nettie Mabel Stone Mark R____ Haynes
Mabel Olene Haynes
Edith Lester Stone Robert M____ Haynes
Walter E____ Haynes
George C____ Haynes
Charles Freeman Stone ---
Edwin Sylvester Stone Edwin Stone
Jay Stone
Ernest Glen Stone Richard J____ Stone
John Oien Hovie Conrad Hovie Wendell Guilford Hovie
Joyce Lenore Hovie
Inez Lucille Hovie
Lorraine Marie Hovie
Marian Elaine Hovie
Clara Hovie ---
Hilda Julia Hovie Jarvis Norman Selberg
Mabel Ione Selberg
Oscar Theodore Hovie Majorie Janet Hovie
Lois Jean Hovie
Alma Ruth Hovie Carol V____ Grunewald
Curtis Lyle Grunewald
James Orlen Grunewald
Arlene May Grunewald
Sherry Jean Grunewald
Mabel Hovie ---
John Jerome Hovie ---
Victor Loren Hovie ---
Mabel Hovie ---
Peder Hovie Theodore Hovie Gladys Irene Hovie
Violet M____ Hovie
Helena Palma Hovie ---
Kendall Roy Hovie ---
Cora Olive Hovie Edwin Henry Guilford
Agnes Pauline Hovie ???
Paul H____ Hovie ---
Thomas Malvin Hovie ---
Clarence Neville Hovie Katherine Gray Hovie
Palma Harriet Hovie ???
Paul Herbert Reginald Hovie ---
Amanda Hovie --- ---
Nellie Hovie Myrtle Mickel Lucille Arvilla Wait
Mabel Mickel ---
Arvilla Mickel ---
Elva Jane Mickel ---
Lucille Helena Mickel ---
Ragnhild Olsdatter Gottenborg Ole Kristensen Gottenborg Otto Theodore Gottenberg Willis S____ Leroy Gottenberg
Regina Gottenborg ???
Laura Helen Gottenborg Carl Haggman
Rose Haggman
Myrtle Haggman
Selmer L____ Gottenborg ???
Marit Halstensdatter Gottenborg Johan H____ Sandvold ---
Randi Caroline Sandvold Almer C____ Vold
Oscar Helmer Vold
Elvin Herman Vold
Frida Sandvold ---
Rangdi Halstensdatter Gottenborg ??? ???
Ola Halstensen Gottenborg --- ---
Ragnhild Halstensdatter ??? ???
K.O. Rea O.K. Rea John Oliver Rea ---
William Andrew Rea Wilford Paul Rea
Baby Boy Rea
James Oliver Rea
Mary Marguerite Rea
William Andrew Rea Jr
Anna Louise Rea ---
Helen Julia Rea Rea Christian Bronstad
David Albert Bronstad
Albert Sterling Rea ---
Emma Malinda Rea Carolyn Olena Blom
Kathryn Doris Blom
Mary Josephine Blom
Virginia Rea Blom
Otto Newton Rea Nancy Rea
Peter Baker Rea
Herman Paul Rea Herman Talton Rea
Edna Roselie Rea Kathleen LaDuke
Diana LaDuke
Edward Frizzell LaDuke
Patricia LaDuke
Marguerite Tennie Rea ---
Mary Nell Rea Dortha Nell Dawkins
Rose Mary Dawkins
T.K. Rea Alma Dorothy Rea Robert Hughes Millwee Jr
Helen Aletha Millwee
Bettie Lou Millwee
Clarence Arthur Rea ---
Melvin Oscar Rea ---
Clara Lillian Rea Dorothy Lillian Anderson
Thomas William Anderson
James Weldon Anderson
Elsie Galena Rea Rea Coley Tenney
Edward Benjamin Tenney
Helmer Rea ---
Elmer Norman Rea ---
Alvin Milton Rea ---
Baby Boy Rea ---
Randy Rea Oscar Sterling Smith Robert Oscar Smith
John Clifford Robin Smith
Imogene Elizabeth Smith
Lettie Eleanor Smith Harold Glen Smith
Nettie Esther Smith Colleen Elizabeth Hopper
Quincy Alvin Smith ---
Guri Knudsdatter Oppen --- ---
Peder Rea --- ---
H.K. Rea Mary Elisabeth Rea ---
Jennie Louise Rea ---
Oscar John Rea Emma Estelle Rea ---
Marvin Vernon Rea ---
Lois Alleen Rea ---
Bernie Rea ---
Oscar John Rea Jr ---
Baby Boy Rea ---
Clara Dorothy Rea ---
Esther Hilmen Rea ---
Ann Elizabeth Rea John Lewis Williams
Susan Rea Williams
Scott Morris Williams
Gelena Mary Rea Georgie Marie Swenson Esther Doris Anderson
George Washington Anderson Jr
Esther Kyle Swenson Virginia Marie Olsen
Annis Louise Olsen
Carroll Emmanuel Swenson John David Swenson
Wilma Gladyce Swenson Rea Mortimer Berry
Barbara Ann Berry
Mamie Olena Swenson ---
John Glenn Swenson ---
Emma Sophia Rea Rea Thomas Hoff Elva Sue Hoff
Glennie Pauline Hoff Beverly Ann Zent
John Edward Hoff Barbara Ann Hoff
Candace N____ Hoff
Clara Pauline Rea --- ---
Ole Olsen Hove --- --- ---
Mali Olsdatter Hove Anne Haldorsen Anton Nickolai Nelson ???
Clara Josephine Emelie Nelson ???
Louis Elmer Nelson ???
Emma Elvira Nelson Agnes Anderson
Ernest M____ Anderson
Albert M____ Anderson
Arthur H____ Anderson
Henry Melvin Nelson Howard Elmer Nelson
Donna Marie Nelson
Muriel Celeste Nelson
Della Nelson
Patricia Claire Ann Nelson
Helen Maxine Nelson
Richard Arlowe Nelson
Katherine Faye Nelson
Albert Edwin Samuel Nelson Edward Nelson
Anne Nelson
Marjorie Elaine Nelson
Junior Nelson
Deloris Nelson
Della Aletha Nelson ???
Norman Oscar Nelson ???
Rangdi Haldorsen Otto Theodore Gottenberg Willis S____ Leroy Gottenberg
Regina Gottenborg ???
Laura Helen Gottenborg Carl Haggman
Rose Haggman
Myrtle Haggman
Selmer L____ Gottenborg ???
Mary Haldorsen ??? ???
Haldor Haldorsen ??? ???
Oline Haldorsen Mamie L____ Donahue ???
Julia Haldorsen Henry M____ Larson ---
Louis Oliver Larson Betty Lou Larson
Mary Ann Larson
Pete Thompson ???
Petter Olaus Haldorsen --- ---
Rangdi Olsdatter Hove --- --- ---
Marit Olsdatter Hove Martha Butler Helen M____ Peters Raymond G____ Wilhite
Maurice C____ Wilhite
Raymond E____ Peters Doreen Peters
Vivian Peters
Geraldine Peters
Lloyd Theodore Peters Dorothy Jean Peters
Lloyd Theodore Peters Jr
Jack W____ Peters
Paul Julius Peters Jr ???
Randina Butler ??? ???
Ole Bertinius Butler Lawrence Marvin Butler Marvin Burt Butler
Bernadine Lenora Butler Marjorie Adall Grammer
Malcolm Edwin Grammer
Robert Russell Grammer
Darrell Wayne Grammer
Marvin Burt Grammer
Adalla Lara Butler Marilyn Butler Carlson
Robert Carlson
Louis Edwin Butler Malcolm Butler
Norman Burt Butler Robert E____ Butler
Betsy Butler ??? ???
Edward Butler ??? ???
Pennela Butler ??? ???