The Anne Olsdatter Nybak And Johannes Braaten Family

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Anne Olsdatter Nybak
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Parents of Anne Olsdatter:   Ole Knudsen Stenberg and Johanne Pedersdatter

Siblings of Anne Olsdatter:    Christian    Pauline    Petter    *    Else (Pederson)    Olaf    Ottine (Rønningen)

Children of Johannes and Anne:    Reidar Braaten    Tora Braaten    Hansine Braaten Fosnes


Anne Olsdatter was born on 14 Mar 1863 at the farm Stenberg østre in Løten, Norway and baptized on 11 Oct 1863. She was the fourth child and second daughter born to Ole Knudsen Bjørkholen and Johanne Pedersdatter Malerløkken. Anne would have been known as Anne Olsdatter Stenberg while living at Stenberg østre.

When Anne was about 10 years old (around 1873), her father lost the family farm Stenberg østre in a poker game. Anne went to live with her Aunt Pernille (her father's sister) on the farm Nybak (Gnr.228, Bnr.6) in Løten. Anne became known as Anne Olsdatter Nybak at this time.

Baptismal Record of Anne Olsdatter (Løten Ministerialbok nr.8, p.59, #91)
Baptismal Record of Anne Olsdatter (Løten Klokkerbok nr.4, p.10, #93)
1865 Census for Løten, Steenberg østre
1875 Census for Løten, Nybakken, p.645

Anne was one of only two children who remained in Norway. Anne married Johannes Braaten.


Anne and Johannes had 4 children. If there is a link, click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Reidar Braaten [1897-1973] married Gertrud Håkansson (from Sweden); 3 children; died at the age of 75)


Tora Johanne Braaten [1898-1974] never married; no descendants; died at the age of 75


Hansine Pauline Braaten [1904-1984] married Martin Fosnes; 2 children; died at the age of 79


Inga Rønningen (Braaten) [1907-1999] youngest daughter of Anne's sister Ottine; adopted by Anne and Johannes after Ottine's death; married Hugo Blumenrath; 2 children; died at the age of 91


Braaten Family (date unknown)
Back Row (left to right): Hansine, Gertrude Braaten, Reidar Braaten, Inga Braaten
Front Row (left to right): Tora Braaten, Anne Braaten, Johannes Braaten
Braaten Family (Viken, 1925)
Left to right: Inga Braaten (front), Johannes Braaten (back), Tora Braaten, Benny Rønningen, Hansine Braaten

Braaten Family (ca1935)
Back Row (left to right): Reidar Braaten, Gertrud Braaten, Tora Braaten, ???, Hansine Fosnes, Martin Fosnes
Front Row (left to right): Lajla Braaten, Bergit Braaten, Anne Braaten, Arne Fosnes (in lap), Leif Braaten

Braaten Family (ca1939)
Left to right: Leif Braaten, Lajla Braaten, Anne Braaten, Arne Fosnes (in lap of Anne), Tor Borgar Fosnes (in lap of Hansine), Hansine Fosnes, Reidar Braaten, Tora Braaten (back), Bergit Braaten (front)

Tora Braaten and Anne Braaten (date unknown)