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Do you have any pictures of Ole's children and their spouses?  If so, we would like to make arrangements to have them scanned and included in the Pierson book.


The purpose of the Pierson Genealogy Project is to identify all descendants of Ole Pierson.

Contact persons for each branch of the family are given below with an email link, postal address, or telephone number. Please contact them if you can provide information. The branches shown in red currently have no contact person. If you would like to volunteer as a contact person for that group, please contact Bruce Wiland at or 512-443-2918 or 1510 Oxford Avenue, Austin TX 78704. You may also serve as the contact person for subgroups if you have a great deal of information about some portions of the groups or do not want to take on the whole group.

Ole Pedersen Songe (Pierson) m. Anne Helene Olsdatter

A1. Karen Oline "Caroline" Olsdatter (Pierson) m. Christopher Pedersen Holtet (Pederson)
B1. Mariane Ovidia Pederson m. John Hansen Bekken
       B2. Oscar Penn Pederson m. Nellie Partlow
       B3. Christopher Columbus Pederson m. Oline Larsdatter (Pederson)
       B4. Olivia Adelie Pederson m. Christian Hendriksen "Chris" Dahl
       B5. Peter Tobias Pederson  - no descendants
       B6. Ole Christian Pederson m. Caroline Dahl
       B7. Anton Christen Pederson m. Alma C____ Bergman
       B8. Palmer Israel Pederson  - no descendants
       B9. Otto Merion Pederson m. Nina __________
A2. Oline Marie "Mary" Olsdatter (Pierson) m1. Nils Bersvendson (Swenson)
       B1. Clara Anne Swenson m. Jorgen Christian "Chris" Grimland - Bruce Wiland (
       B2. Neal Marion Swenson m1. Josephine Marie Canuteson m2. Eli "Ella" Sinderud - Bruce Wiland (
       Oline Marie "Mary" Olsdatter (Pierson) m2. Julius Kuler (Hesler)
       B3. John Emmanuel Swenson m. Gelena Mary Rea - Bruce Wiland (
A3. Petrine Theresia Olsdatter (Pierson) m. Christopher "Chris" Jensen (Jenson)
       B1. Cora Taletha Jenson m. Niels "Nels" Sinderud
       B2. Anne Elire "Anna Elsie" Jenson m. Andrew Hendriksen Dahl
       B3. Emma Adelia Jenson m. Martin Thomasen Sørensen (Sorenson)
       B4. Amalie Henriette "Mollie" Jenson m. Sill Albert Knudson
       B5. Jane Theodora "Jennie" Jenson  - no descendants
       B6. Christine Theresa "Katie" Jenson m. Sam Gustav Carlson
       B7. Jesse Oliver Jenson m1. Ena Gurena Jermstad  m2. Electra __________  - no descendants
A4. Peder Olsen (Pierson) m. Inge "Inger" Johansdatter (Johnson)
       B1. Ole Andreas Pierson - no descendants
       B2. Johan Martin "John" Pierson m. Martha Ween
       B3. Anna Josephine "Annie" Pierson - no descendants
       B4. Peter J____ Pierson m1. Anna "Annie" Swenson  m2. Nellie Swenson
       B5. Jefferson Centennial Pierson m. Lillian Virginia "Lillie" Mayfield (volunteer needed)
       B6. Peniel Iddo Pierson - no descendants
       B7. Edward Theophilus Pierson m. Cora Jeanette Johnson
       B8. Ida Priscilla Pierson m. Peder Ole Dahl
       B9. Magdalena Ophelia Pierson m. Will C____ Turner - no descendants
       B10. Adelia Pricilla Pierson m. Peder Ole Dahl
       B11. Laura Pierson - no descendants
       B12. Peniell Nicholas Pierson - no descendants
       B13. Ole Alvin Pierson - no descendants
A5. Anne Oline Olsdatter (Pierson) m. Otto Johan Martinsen (Otto Johnny "O.J." Johnson)
       B1. Mollie Ann Johnson - no descendants
       B2. Martin Johnson m. Ida Theodora Jenson
       B3. Annette Ottelia "Annie" Johnson m. Emil Jørgensen Granlien (Lee)
A6. Andrea Olsdatter (Pierson) m. Knud Andreas Knudsen (Andrew Canute Canuteson)
       B1. Canute Calvel Canuteson - no descendants
       B2. Canute Canuteson m. Julia Rierson - no descendants
       B3. Anne Karine "Carrie" Canuteson m. Joseph S____ "Joe" Windham
       B4. Anne Helene Canuteson - no descendants
       B5. Anna Helen "Hallie" Canuteson m. Christian Gunerius "Chris" Solberg
       B6. Andrew Canuteson - no descendants
A7. Thorborg Marie Olsdatter (Pierson) - no descendants