The H. K. Rea Family

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Knud Knudsen Rye
(Harold K."H.K." Rea)

Mary B. "Mollye" Hopper


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Parents of Randy Rea:    Knud Olsen Rye and Astrid Tidemandsdatter Hilmen

Siblings of Randy Rea:    O.K.    T.K.    Randy (Smith)    Guri    Peter    *     Oscar John    Gelena (Swenson)    Emma (Hoff)    Clara   


Knud’s name was changed to Harold sometime after he arrived in America, perhaps to avoid confusion with his father, since in America their first and last names were now the same. Knud’s name was still listed as Knud in the 1880 U.S. census. Harold (or H.K. as he was known), accompanied by his brother Peter, made his first visit to Texas in December 1888. H.K. joined Peter in Trenton, New Jersey, and they traveled by Mallory steamer to Galveston, Texas where they took the Santa Fe train to Goldthwaite. Brother T.K. met them in Goldthwaite with a wagon hitched to a four-horse team. After spending the night in Goldthwaite, Harold and Peter returned with T.K. to his ranch in Hamilton County. H.K. came to Texas to live in 1889. During 1890, he was working as a cashier operator in Dublin, Texas for the Ft. Worth and Rio Grande Railroad. In 1896, H.K. married Mary B. "Mollye" Hopper. He spent the rest of his life working in the railroad business and eventually moved to Dallas. H.K. and Mollye had two daughters who married but did not have any children. H.K. died in 1952 and Mollye died in 1964.


H.K. and Mollye had 2 children. If there is a link, click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Mary Elisabeth Rea [1910-1940] married James W. M. Crocker; no children; died at the age of 29


Jennie Louise Rea [1902-1983] married twice (Alexander J. Fuqua Jr & unknown); no children; died at the age of 70