The Peter Rea Family

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Peder Knudsen Rye
(Peter Edgar Rea)

Jennie Lena Hobbs


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Parents of Randy Rea:    Knud Olsen Rye and Astrid Tidemandsdatter Hilmen

Siblings of Randy Rea:    O.K.    T.K.    Randy (Smith)    Guri    *     H.K.    Oscar John    Gelena (Swenson)    Emma (Hoff)    Clara   


Peder americanized his first name to Peter and added Edgar as his middle name. Peder was the only child that did not move to Texas. He lived in Chicago and married Jennie Hobbs but did not have any children. He later lived in Joliet where Jennie was from. Peder died in 1940 in Illinois.