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Revised 21 January 2010

The purpose of this genealogy project is to sort out conflicting genealogical information on the Small families that originated in Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s. Two Small families have been identified in Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s. They may or may not be related. The information is derived from primary sources and secondary sources. Some of this information is not confirmed, so please view it with that caveat. Any information from primary sources that can corroborate or refute the information below would be greatly appreciated (contact Bruce Wiland at  See our related links.

Family #1 - The Smalls of Montgomery Co. PA

Nicholas Schmall and Johan Adam Schmall immigrated in 1739 on the Loyal Judith. Anna Elizabeth Schmall (Loch) immigrated later. Anna Elizabeth is the sister to Johan Adam. Nicholas appears to be a father or brother to Johan Adam.

We have no further information on ancestors or descendants of this family and do not know if they might somehow tie into the Lorentz Small family shown below. Perhaps Johan Adam is A4 below and Anna Elizabeth is A6 below. Nicholas would then have to be an unidentified brother.

Family #2 - The Lorentz Smalls of Adams Co. PA, York Co. PA, Franklin Co. PA, and Berkeley Co. VA

The people shown in blue are believed to have remained in Germany. The people in red were immigrants to America. The rest of the people were born in America.
Lorentz Schmahl [II] (1614-1698) m. Elisabetha Schnoor
A1. Anna Ursula Schmahl (1644-1693) m. Johannes Ueber
A2. Johann Kilian Schmahl (1646-1708) m. Anna Christina Weyel
A3. Johann Michael Schmahl (1651-ca1716) m. Magdalena
 B1. Johann Adam Schmahl ( 1693)  m.(28 Apr 1716) Anna Maria Schnorr (see Note 1 below) [emig. 1743 on Loyal Judith]
   C1. Johann Adam Schmahl (bp. 22 May 1718)  m. Johanna Dorthea Zimmerman [probably emig. 1741 on St. Mark]
     D1. John Peter Schmahl (b.22 Feb 1746)
     D2. Maria Elizabeth (b.03 Mar 1749)
     D3. John Schmahl (b.24 Aug 1750)
     D4. Johan Gorg Schmahl (bp.04 Sep 1763)
   C2. Wentz Schmahl (bp 19 Jan 1727) [emig. 1743 on Loyal Judith]
A4. Johan Adam Schmahl (1653-1722) m. Anna Catharina Becker
A5. Hans Heinrich Schmahl (1659-bf1665)
A6. Anna Elizabeth Schmahl (1659-?)
A7. Lorentz Schmahl [III] (1662-1733) m. Anna Maria Barbara Kramer (1677-1745)
B1. Maria Elizabeth Schmahl (1696-1755)
B2. Magdalena Schmahl (1699-?)
B3. Johann Adam Schmahl (1701-1740)
B4. Johann Erich Schmahl (1704-1763) m1. Ursula Laubenstein  m2. Maria Helena Wolf
B5. Johannes Schmahl (1707-?)
B6. Lorentz Schmahl [IV] (1708-1749) m. Eva Ueber (ca1710-1787) [emig. 1743 on Loyal Judith]
C1. Johannes Adam Schmahl [Sr] (1729-ca1780) m. Elizabeth Ann Owen or Magdalena Cook? (see Note 2 below) [emig. 1743 on Loyal Judith]
D1. Adam Small [Jr] (1746?-1828) m1. Magdalena Cook?  m2. Elizabeth Earhart (see Note 3 below)
      E1. Margaret Small
E2. Susannah Small m. John Frederick
E3. John A. Small (1775-1856) m. Mary Ann Secrist
E4. Jacob Small (1780-1849) m1. Anna Wenger  m2. Elizabeth Hafer
E5. Peter Small (1780-?) m. Magdalena Bonebrake
E6. Daniel Small (1782-1865) m. Susannah Swigert
E7. Henry Small (1784-?) m. Martha "Mattie" Cook
E8. George Small (1788-1840) m. Catherine Cook
E9. Mary Small m. David Gish
E10. Catharine Small (1808-1883) m1. Mr. Stoufer  m2. Harry S. McKenzie
D2. Elizabeth Small (????-????) m. Jacob Cook (see Note 4 below)
D3. Jacob Small (1752 -1835) m. Barbara Couchman
      E1. Virginia Elizabeth Small (1788-1864) m1. Daniel Even Strayer m2. Henry James Seibert
E2. Mary Small (ca1790-1815)
E3. George Small (1790-1823) m. Mary Grove
E4. Margaret "Peggy" Small (1796-1854) m. Henry James Seibert
E5. John Carson Small (1801-1884) m. Sarah Mong
E6. Jacob Adam Small (1802-1871) m1. Mary A. Cushwas m2. Nancy Ann Hill m3. Nancy ________
E7. Nancy Smith Small (ca1808-1873) m. W. Daniel Ropp
E8. Henry Clay Small (ca1811-1881) m1. Elizabeth "Eliza" Seibert   m2. Mary Jane Keef
D4. Henry Small (1753? - af1827?) m1. Mary Ann Smith m2. Eleanor Carson
      E1. Mary "Polly" Small (ca1790-?) m. Jacob  Folk
E2. William Small (1797-1880) m. Mary C. "Polly" Couchman
E3. Nancy Small  (ca1797-____) m. Hugh Paul [____]
E4. John M. Small (ca1799-____) m. Elizabeth Kilmer
E5. Adam Small (1809-1888) m. Mary Myers
D5. Mary Ann Small (1755-1823) m. John Waller (see Note 5 below)
C2. Eva Schmahl (1731-????) m. Johann Peter Reisinger  [emig. 1743 on Loyal Judith]
D1. Mary Magdalena Reisinger (ca1763-1824) m. Frederick Laumeister
D2. Jacob Reisinger (ca1765)
D3. John Henrich Reisinger (1768-1844) m1. Magdalena Myers m2. Elizabeth Lininger
D4. Peter Reisinger (ca1770)
D5. Henry Reisinger (ca 1772)
D6. daughter Reisinger (ca1774)
C3. Killian Schmahl (1735-1815) m. Eva (Welschance or Weilskopf)  [emig. 1743 on Loyal Judith]
D1. Jacob Small (1759-1817) m. Catherine Elizabeth Welsh
D2 Joannes Small (1762-1811) m. Phillipena
D3. George Small (1767-1838) m. Anna Maria Albright
D4. Michael Small (1769) m. Catherine
D5. Joseph Small (1772-1855) m1. Elizabeth Etter m2.Elizabeth Krone
D6. Peter Small (1774-1823) m1. Lucinda Spangler m2. Anna Maria Spangler
D7. Heinrich Small (1777-1849) m. Mary Ebert
C4. Lorentz Schmahl (1739-bf1747)  [emig. 1743 on Loyal Judith]
C5. Anna Maria Magdalena Schmahl (1741-1822) m. Martin Frey Jr  [emig. 1743 on Loyal Judith]
D1. Ann Maria Frey
D2. Margaret Frey
D3. Martin Frey
D4. Elizabeth Frey
C6. Jacob Schmahl (1746-1794) m. Barbara Kuhn (see Note 6 below)
D1. Col. Jacob Small Jr. m1. Nancy Ann Fleetwood m2. Caroline E. ________ (see Note 7 below)
      E1. John Small (1796-1824)
E2. William F. Small (1798-1832) m. Agnes Robinson
E3. Samuel Small (1800-1800)
E4. Amelia Small (1801-1878) m. William J. Pamphilion
E5. Anna Maria Small (1805-1823) N.M.
E6. Julia Ann Small (1807-____)
E7. Caroline Small (1809-1845) m. William Hanna
E8. George Clinton Small (1811-1811)
E9. Lucinda Small (1813-1844)
D2. Catherine Small (1776)
D3. George Small (1791-1809) twin
D4. John Small (1791-1791) twin
C7. Johannes Schmahl (1747-1819) m. Anna Catherine Frederick (see Note 8 below)
D1. Jacob Small
D2. Frederick Small m. Ester
D3. Elizabeth Small m. George Risinger
D4. Mary Small m. Joseph Grove
D5. Sebastian Small (ca 1781-1858) m. Margaret Graham
D6. John Small (1785-1867) m. Jane Bevington
D7. Henry Small (1794-1856) m. Martha McElheny
D8. Peter Small (1795-1867) m. Mary English
D9. Catharine Small (ca1796) m. Richard Walton
C8. Lorentz Schmahl [V] (1749-1832) m. Barbara
D1. Barbara Schmahl (ca1779)
D2. Jacob Schmahl (ca1781) m. Christiana Krantz
D3. John Schmahl (1781) m. Elizabeth Laucks
D4. Martha Elizabeth Schmahl (ca1783)
D5. Daniel Schmahl (ca1785) m. Catherine Graeber
D6. Joseph Schmahl (ca1787) m. Elizabetha
D7. Sarah Schmahl (ca1790)
D8. Samuel Schmahl (ca1794)
D9. Catharine Doll Schmahl (ca1796)
B7. Anna Christina Schmahl (1711-?)
B8. Johann Heinrich Schmahl (1714-1764) m. Anna Elisabetha Kraemer
B9. Magdalena Schmahl (1718-?)
B10. Eva Schmahl (1720-?) m. Johan Adam Wagner
A8. Heinrich Schmahl (1665) m.
B1. Heinrich Schmahl (07 Feb 1708-?) m. Anna Maria Feldmann
A9. Johann Paul Schmahl (1669-1669) 
A10. Johann Velten Schmahl (1669-1669) 
A11. Eva Schmahl (?-?) m. Vinzenz Kochs

Note 1: We have no further information on descendants of this family other than what is shown above. We do not know what happened to Adam and Dorthea. 

Note 2: Very confusing here. Lorentz Schmahl and Eva Ueber certainly had a son Johann Adam which accompanied them to America. However, in 1757, a session of the Orphans' Court indicates that Killyan Small is the eldest son and heir-at-law of Lorentz. No mention of Adam is made. Therefore, this Adam [Sr] may not be the same Adam that was the son of Lorentz and Eva. On the other hand, this Adam may have left the family and he was presumed dead. One secondary source claims that what is labeled as Adam Sr here is actually Johann Adam Schmahl, son of Johann Adam Schmahl and Anna Maria Schnorr, and was married to Magdalina Cook. However, if he was the son of Johnan Adam Schmahl and Anna Maria Schnorr, then several problems arise when looking at Family #2. Some sources say that it was his son Adam Jr that was married to Magdalina Cook, not Adam Sr.  One secondary source says Adam Sr married Magdalena Cook in 1745, died in 1772, and is buried at Grindstone Hill.  Other sources say Adam [Sr] was married to Ann Elizabeth Owen and moved to Berkeley Co VA where his children Jacob, Henry, and Mary Ann were born. The latter seems more likely because it it seems clear that Adam [Sr] had at least three sons (Adam [Jr], Jacob, and Henry) based on an indenture from 1781 which identifies Adam [Jr] as heir-at-law of Adam [Sr].

Note 3:  It seems clear that Adam Jr was married to Elizabeth Earhart. Some sources say he was married to Magdalina Cook, so he may have been married first to Magdalina before Elizabeth Earhart. One secondary source says Adam married Elizabeth Earhart around 1764 and one says around 1775, but Elizabeth Earhart was born in 1766 which would have made her either not born yet or 9 years old at marriage. Also, the oldest son of Adam Jr, John A. Small, was born in 1775. Again Elizabeth Earhart would be too young to be the mother. Hence, it seems quite likely that Adam Jr was married twice, whether the first wife was Magdalena Cook or not. There is a large gap in years between the birth of two of Adam Jr's children George Small (1788) and Catherine Small (1808), so it is possible that Adam Jr and Elizabeth were married between 1788 and 1808. On the other, an indenture from 1781 mentions Adam Jr and his wife Elizabeth. So, either Adam's first wife was also named Elizabeth or Adam married Elizabeth Earheart around 1781 (she would have been 15 years old at the time).

Note 4: We know that a Jacob Cook married an Elizabeth Small. We also know that Jacob Cook had two brothers that married Earhart sisters, sister to Elizabeth Earhart who was married to Adam Small [Jr]. This seems a logical place for Elizabeth Small to fit, but it is total speculation.

Note 5: Mary Ann appears to have been born in VA and died in KY. There is conflicting information on who the parents of Mary Ann Small were. Some sources say she was the daughter of a William Small (see Secondary Source C & E)

Note 6: Jacob Schmahl moved to Baltimore MD when young and settled there.

Note 7:
Col. Jacob Small was an architect and mayor of Baltimore from 1826-1831.

Note 8: Johannes moved to Beaver Co PA and settled there.

Primary Sources and Information Needed

With so many Adam names in this family, there are numerous conflicts and questions concerning the various Small family genealogies. The current best guess is that Adam Small Sr (b.1729) married Elizabeth Ann Owen (or some other unidentified wife) and moved to Berkley Co Virginia where his three youngest children Jacob, Henry, and Mary Ann were born while his oldest son Adam Jr (b.1746?) stayed in Pennsylvania. Adam Jr probably married Magdalena Cook and later Elizabeth Earhart. This is certainly unverified and far from being confirmed as fact. We need primary sources for the birthdates of the children of Adam Sr and primary documentation as to who his wife was. It currently looks like it was not Magdalena Cook.

Primary documentation on any of the following would provide valuable information in solving some of the mysteries related to this portion of the Small family:

1. Birthdate/birthplace and parents of Adam Small [Jr]
2. A marriage record for Adam Small [Sr] and Elizabeth Ann Owen or Magdalena Cook.
3. A marriage record for Adam Small [Jr] and Magdalena Cook and/or Elizabeth Earhart.
4. Any additional information on Elizabeth Ann Owen (birthdate, deathdate, parents, siblings, etc).
5. Any additional information on Magdalena Cook (birthdate, deathdate, parents, siblings, etc).
6. Any additional information on Elizabeth Small who married Jacob Cook (birthdate, parents, siblings, etc).
7. Any additional information on Adam Small [Sr] (death date, will, etc).

See our primary sources, secondary sources, and related links.

Please contact Bruce Wiland at if you have information that would help add to or correct the information we have.


Some of the information on this site has been contributed by the following persons: Phyllis Grein, Lynn Brandvold, Jim Small, Earl Robb, Sherry Taylor Norton, and Darlene Small Gilligan.