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1. Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph Strassburger and William Hinke, Volume I of 2 volumes, 1934, reprinted 1966.

This book contains three kinds of ship lists: 1) the captains' list, marked A, 2) the signers of the oath of allegiance, marked B, and 3) the signers of the oath of abjuration, marked C. The captains' list was prepared by the captain, and he spelled the names as he thought they were spelled. The signers' list were spelled by the signer except where the signer could not write. In these cases, a clerk spelled the names, and the signer made his mark which is shown in parenthesis in the lists. The authors of this book are critical of the sloppy work of Daniel Rupp who had prepared the "... Thirty Thousand Names ..." book years earlier. They mention many mistakes and omissions made by Rupp. I will show the info from Rupp's book later, but I would say that the information in the Strassburger/Hinke book should take precedent over that of Rupp. I will give the names as they are spelled in the book for each list. Please keep in mind that each person will appear three times, once in each list (A, B, C as defined above).

p. 265-300
A list of ye Pallatines names in ye Loyall Judith, Edwd Paynter, Master. Qualified Sept. 3, 1739.

List A - Nicholas Schmall
List B - Nicholas (X) Small
List C - Nicklas (X) Shmell

List A - Johan Adam Schmall
List B - John Adam (X) Small
List C - John Adam (+) Shmell

Note: Johan Adam immediately followed Nicholas on the list. I think these are probably the Smalls mentioned in "Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania" by Edward W. Hocker (see Source #6).

p. 296-300
Palatines imported in the ship St. Mark, Capt.Wilson, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 26, 1741.

List A - Adam Shmall
List B - Johan Adam Schmahl
List C - Johan Adam Schmahl

Note: This is probably the Adam Schmal that married Johanna Dorothea Zimmerman (see Primary Sources #9 and #10). He could possibly be the son of Adam Small (age 50) that came to America on the Loyal Judith in 1743

p. 334-339
Foreigners imported in the ship Loyal Judith, James Cowey, Master from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept. 2, 1743.

List A - Lorentz Schmal, age 32
List B - Lorentz Schmahl
List C - Lorentz Schmahl

List A - Adam Schmal, age 14
List B - Adam (X) Schmahl
List C - Adam (X) Schmaal

List A - Adam Schmal, age 50
List B - Adam (X) Schmahl
List C - Adam (S) Schmahl

List A - Wentz Schmal, age 15
List B - Wentz Schmahl
List C - Wentz Schmahl

Note: Adam (age 14) immediately followed Lorentz (age 32) on this list and is most certainly his son. Although not listed, Lorentz's wife Eva Ueber and four other younger children, Eva, Killian, Lorentz, and Magdalena would also have also been on this ship.

Both Adam (age 50) and Wentz (age 15) were further down the list with Wentz immediately following Adam and is most certainly his son. Although not listed, Adam's wife Anna Maria Schnoor would have also been on this ship. According to Dr. Krebs (see Primary Source #3), Adam's son Johann Adam was also on this ship. However, since he would have been 25 years old in 1743, he should have been listed in the ship manifest. It seems unlikely that he would have been missed in all three passenger lists that were prepared for this ship unless he died enroute. Contrary to what Dr. Krebs indicates, it is a reasonable possibility that the son Johan Adam Schmahl may not have come to America with his father, mother, and brother Wentz, but rather may have been the Johan Adam Schmahl that arrived two years earlier on 26 Sep 1741 on the ship St. Mark.

Lorentz (age 32) and Adam (age 50) are probably related. Kevin Noone (see Secondary Source F) indicates that they are brothers. However, Dr. Krebs (Primary Source #3), indicates that the father of Adam (age 50) was Michael Schmahl. This Michael Schmahl could be Hans Michael Schmahl, the uncle of Lorentz, in which case Lorentz and Adam would be first cousins.

2. A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania by Prof. I. Daniel Rupp.

This is the book that contains many errors. You can see how it compares to the lists above. Rupp's book contains only one list for each ship, a combination of lists A, B, and C above. He also rearranged the names on the list so that you could not tell which name had followed which in the original.

Sept 3, 1739, ship Loyal Judith

Nicklas Small
John Adam Small

Sept 26, 1741, ship St. Mark

Johan Adam Schmahl

Sept 2, 1743, ship Loyal Judith

Lorentz Schmahl (a footnote for Lorentz is included in Rupp's book as quoted below)
Adam Shmaal
Adam Schmahl
Wentz Schmahl

"Lorentz Schmahl, a native of the Middle Palatinate, settled as a farmer six miles from York, Pa., where he pursued assiduously and successfully his calling to the close of his life, leaving four sons: Jacob, who, when young, moved to Baltimore, whose son, Col. Jacob Small was Mayor of the city; John Schmahl moved to and settled in Beaver County; Kilian and Lawrence remained in York. From the former, the greater part of the numerous Smalls in York County descend. - Rupp's History of York County, p.743."

Note: It could be noteworthy that Adam was not listed as a son in the footnote.

3. Emigrants from the Palatinate to the American Colonies in the 18th Century by Dr. Friedrich Krebs, 1953.

This is from research by the Archivist at Speyer, Germany into certain church records in Germany. Other sources are also given. S-H refers to Strassborg and Henke's book Pennsylvania German Pioneers. PHSL refers to the Publications of the Huguenot Society of London, vol. XXIV, Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American Colonies Pursusant to Statute 13 George II. c.7, edited by M.S. Giuseppe, F.S.A. (1921). GSP refers to Abstracts of wills, Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. The following four SCHMAHL families are listed on page 28 of this book:

SCHMAHL, ______. The son of Johann Adam Schmahl, went to America from Essenheim, 1741.

SCHMAHL, Henrich. Of Essenheim. The record states: "May have left again for the American countries: Henrich Schmahl, street-player, with wife and 6 children (1746).

SCHMAHL, Johann Adam, Son of Michael Schmahl. Married at Essenheim, 28.IV.1716, Anna Maria, daughter of Cilian Schnorr. Issue (born at Essenheim): (1) Johann Adam, bap. 22.V.1718; (2) Wentz, bap. 19.I.1727. To America with wife and 2 sons, 3 June 1743. Adam Schmahl arrived on the ship Loyal Judith, 2 Sept. 1743 (S-H I, 335,337,338). An Adam Schmaal, of Germany Twp., York Co., took the sacrament, 19 Sept. 1762 (PHSL XXIV, 84).

Note: It is strange that the son Johann Adam, bap.22.V.1718 (age 25 in 1743) does not show up in the immigration records/ship list for the Loyal Judith of 02 Sep 1743 when his father and brother do. It seems unlikely that he would have been missed in all three passenger lists that were prepared for this ship unless he died enroute. The son Johan Adam Schmahl may not have come to America with his father, mother, and brother Wentz, but rather may have been the Johan Adam Schmahl that arrived two years earlier on 26 Sep 1741 on the ship St. Mark. There is no further reference to Wentz beyond that in the ship lists.

SCHMAHL, Lorentz. Son of Lorentz Schmahl. Married at Essenheim, 27.I.1728, Eva, daughter of Henrich Ueber. Issue (born at Essenheim): (1) Johann Adam, bap. 13.II.1729; (2) Eva, bap. 16.XII.1731; (3) Killian, bap. 7.X.1735; (4) Lorentz, b. 16.I.1739; (5) Magdalena, b. 24.XI.1741. To America with his wife and 5 children, 3 June 1743. Lorentz Schmal arrived on the Loyal Judith, 2 Sept. 1743 (S-H I, 335, 337, 338). Killian Small, of York Twp., York Co., Pa., was naturalized in 1765 (PHSL XXIV, 141). Killian Small, of York Borough, made his will 17 Sept. 1807 (proved 10 Oct. 1815); he named his children Jacob, John, George, Michael, Joseph, Peter, and Henry (GSP York, 531).

4. "Tax Lists - Cumberland County Pennsylvania 1750, 1751, 1752, 1753, 1762, 1763, 1764" by Merri Lou Scribner Schaumann, Wellsville, PA, 1974.

p.28, 1762, Antrim Twp, Adam Small, 100ac warrant
p.56, 1764, Antrim Twp, Adam Small, 100ac unwarranted

5. "Index to Will Book C - Franklin County PA

Small, Adam, p.371.
Small, John, p.72, 483, 511, 655
Small, Mary, p.655.

6. Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania by Edward W. Hocker

This book contains advertisements from various German newspapers in Pennsylvania that may help in genealogical research. Info that had no genealogical importance was omitted in the book. Therefore, if no info is given following the name, it generally means that the ad concerned something like stray cattle.

June 16, 1750 - Anna Elisabeth, widow of Lorentz Loch, from Braunholder, Zweibruerken, arrived in this country last autumn and lives at North Wales (Gwynedd Twp, Mongomery Co) with Nicolaus Schmell. She seeks brother, John Adam Schmell, from Cassell, who has been in America 14 years.

Nov 1, 1750 - Adam Schmell, Falckner Swamp (Montgomery Co)

Note: Falckner Swamp was located in the vicinity of New Hanover Twp, Montgomery Co, PA. My guess is that Nicolaus was also a brother to John Adam or was the father of Anna Elisabeth and John Adam. The Nicolaus and John Adam mentioned above are most probably the Schmall/Shmells that arrived 03 Sep 1739 on the Loyal Judith.

7. Pennsylvania Archives Series 5, Volume 6

p.89, 16 Aug 1780, Adam Small, 2nd Class 5th Company 1st Battalion, Cumberland County Militia

p.112, 23 Jul 1781, Adam Small, 2nd Class 5th Company 1st Battalion, Cumberland County Militia

p.123, 01 Mar 1782, Adam Small, 2nd Class 5th Company 1st Battalion, Cumberland County Militia

p.542, 1779, Adam Small, 2nd Class 8th Battalion, Cumberland County Militia

p.585, 1779, Adam Small, 2nd Class 8th Battalion under Capt. Samuel Royer (Roger)

8. History of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Warner, Beers, & Co., 1887, p. 893.
Read online.

"Jacob R. Small, farmer, P.O. Mont Alto, is the great grandson of Adam Small, whose wife was Magdalina Cook, daughter of John Adam and Mary (Harmony) Cook. The families of Cook and Small were among the pioneers, who came to this county at an early period of this country's history, and after locating here became quite extensive land holders and reared families, whose descendants are now reseidents of this county and township. The sons of Adam Small were Henry, Peter, John, Daniel, Jacob, and George, all of whom settled in this county and reared families. Henry Small, the grandsire of Jacob R., had seven sons: Adam, John, Henry, George C., Lazarus B., Benjamin c. and Ephraim J. John Small, subject's father, was born in February, 1808; his wife, nee Rebecca Knepper, July 16, 1827."

Note: This passage confuses things because Jacob R. Small is the great grandson of Adam Small Jr, and we are fairly certain that Elizabeth Earhart was Adam Small Jr's wife. We had previously assumed that Magdalina Cook was actually the wife of Adam Small Sr. However, other possibilities exist. Magdalina may have been the first wife of either Adam Jr or this passage may be in error and she is not a wife of either one. Confirmation of the marriage of Magdalina Cook would go a long way toward solving the mystery concerning the Adam Small line. This book is the only place (so far) that the name of Magdalina Cook has been seen associated with Adam Small.

9. "York County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century", compiled and edited byMarlene Strawser Bates and F. Edward Wright. published by Family Line Publications, Westminister MD.

Marriages in St. Matthew's Lutheran Church:January 23, 1744 - Adam Schmal with Dorothea Zimmerman

Baptisms in St. Matthew's Lutheran Church:Johan Gorg of Adam Schmal and Dorethea, baptised September 4, 1763. Sponsors: Gorg Spanseyler and Lowis.

Note: This Adam Schmal is the son of the Adam Schmal (age 50) that came to America on the Loyal Judith in 1743.

Baptisms in Wolf's (St. Paul's Lutheran) Reformed Church:
Elizabeth of Peter Ehrhardt, born August ---, 1766, baptized September 7, 1766
Sponsors: Johna Josepf, Michael Uhle's daughter

Note: This is Elizabeth Earheart, wife of Adam Small, Jr.

10. "Adams County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century", published by Family Line Publications.

The introduction has Christ Reformed Church ( Conewago), Germany Twp, near Littlestown, dating from 1743. It was located in the Conewago settlement, from which it took it's name for many years. The first church was probably not built until the later 1750s. Records; 1747-1871. Transcribed by William J. Hinke.

Location of copies of records: Reformed Hist. Soc.,Micro #133:Adams Hist Soc.. #1.5; York hist Society.,#RR2; Hist. Soc. of Pa ( also refers to church as Cannawake Church), micro #Xch/22

Baptisms at Christ Reformed Church (Conewago), Germany Twp , near Littlestown:

1749 Maria Elizabeth , b. 3 March 1749, of Adam Schmahl & Johanna Dorothea; witnesses Adam Schmahl and Anna Maria, grandparents

Oct 1750: John, b. 24 Aug 1750 of Adam Schmal & Johanna Dorothea ; witnesses John Schaum & wife Anna Maria.

Note: The Adam Schmal mentioned here is the son of the Adam Schmal (age 50) that came to America on the Loyal Judith in 1743. 

11. "Will of Adam Small Jr." Signed 12 Mar 1828. Probated 11 Aug 1828. Transcription by Sherry Taylor Norton (

Full transcribed text in separate file. Adam Small Jr must have died between the date of his will (12 Mar 1828) and the date the will was probated (11 Aug 1828). The will gives these ten children: George, Daniel, Margaret (guardians John Small and Joseph Whitmore), John Small, Catharine (Stoufer), Susannah intermarried with John Frederick, Mary intermarried with David Gish, Henry, Jacob, and Peter.

12. "Petition of George Earhart concerning estate of Peter Earhart", 14 Sep 1801, Franklin County Pennsylvania Orphans Court, Deed Book A, p.133. Transcription by Lynn Airheart Brandvold (

View full transcribed text. This petition says Peter Earhart died prior to 01 Jan 1790. The petition gives these nine children: "Catharine intermarried with Martin Cook, Mary intermarried with George Cook, Dolly formerly intermarried with Philip Harman (?) and now to Archibald Berquist (?), Nicholas, Peter, Elizabeth intermarried with Adam Small, Michael, Henry, and George all of full age." 

Note: This is the source of the information that identifies at least one wife of Adam Small to be Elizabeth Earhart.

13. From "Early Church Records of Lebanon County Pennsylvania", by F. Edward Wright, 1995.

Quitopahilla Lutheran Church, Lebanon County, PA
John Peter of Adam and Dorothea Schmaal, b. Feb 22, 1746; bapt. Mar 31, 1747
Spon: Peter Kucher and wife.

14. From Berkeley County Court, Martinsburg WV, Deed Book 6, pp.449-450.

An indenture was made on 14 May 1761 where Adam Small and his wife Elizabeth sold land to Jacob and Henry Small. Adam was identified as heir-at-law to Adam Small Sr.

15. Genealogical Records of George Small et al, by Samuel Small Jr, J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, 1905. Read online or download entire book in PDF format (20.3 MB).

This book begins from the generation of Lorentz Schmall (b.1614) and Elizabeth Schnoor (b.1625) who married ca1643. In the preface, the author Samuel Small states "It is impossible to prepare an extensive genealogy free from error, but in the preparation of this work every conceivable safeguard has been taken and the statements herein made are founded upon matters of record. Every incident dependent alone upon family tradition has been carefully labelled as such, and, though errors may exist, it is hoped they have been reduced to a minimum."

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