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The information in the following sources may have conflicting information and needs to be verified from primary sources: Please contact Bruce Wiland at if you have any information from secondary sources that we can add to this list.

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A. From Phyllis Grein (, Lorentz Schmahl Family Website,

"was born 1725 in Essenheim Germany (1729?), and died 1772 in Quincy Twp. He married Magdalena Cook 1745, daughter of John Cook and Mary Harmony. Notes for Adam Sr Small: Emigrated from the Palatinate Region of Germany, from the town of Essenheim. Departing from Rotterdam, on board the Loyal Judith, James Cowie, master. Arriving in America on Sept 2 1743 and took oath of allegience in Phila. Adam was listed as 14 yr old. He emigrated with his family to York Co. Adam the eldest came to Franklin Co (then part of Cumberland Co) in 1745. He became a successful farmer owning 368 acres."

Note: We need to determine the source of the 1745 marriage date to see if this is correct. The marriage to Magdalena Cook may not be correct. Adam may have married Ann Owen (see Source D).

B. From Phyllis Grein (, Lorentz Schmahl Family Website,

"was born 1746 in Washington Twp Franklin Co Pa, and died March 12, 1828 in Guilford Twp. He married Elizabeth Earhart 1764 in Franklin Co Pa, daughter of Peter Earhart. Notes for Adam Small Jr: Adam was deeded land in Antrim Pa by his father Adam Sr on April 1, 1772. The deed was for 116 acres and 148 perches, this land was originally warranted to Adam Sr on April 30, year unknown. Another deed was granted to Adam Sr on a warrant dated March 28, 1743 for 122 acres. Adam Jr was taxed for 48 acres in Wash. Twp in 1778, 217 ac 1782, 217 ac 2 horses, 5 cows, 1786. Served in the Rev. War, 1779-1782, under Capt Royer. In the 1790 census, Adam Jr and Elizabeth were the parents of 5 sons under sixteen years of age and four daughters. On the 1798 tax list Adam claimed one story log house 29x17 having 3 windows and 27 lights on 2 acres valued at $200. Also claimed a log barn 57x24, weaver shop, log 21x27 on 210 acres value at $1470. This was located on a small spring of Little Anteatium. Adam died at the age of 82 in 1828."

Note: We need to determine the source of the 1764 marriage date to see if this is correct. Adam may have married Magdalena Cook before Elizabeth Earhart. The above description says Adam Sr was granted a deed for 122 acres on a warrant dated 28 Mar 1743. This would seem to make immigration on 02 Sep 1743 impossible, unless the warrant date of 28 Mar 1743 refers to the date of original warrant by the previous owner.

C. From DAR Appl.National Number 166200, submitted by Margaret S. Seibert Brown Descendant of Adam Small, approved Jul 3, 1968

Some of the information is handwritten (i.e., not typewritten), so it may have been added during the approval process, or was added by someone else after the approved form was received back from the DAR. In the following, brackets [ ] identify anything that was handwritten on the document.

Item 5 states "Jacob Small was the child of Adam Small [sr]* and his wife Elizabeth [Ann]"
Item 5 states "Adam Small [sr] born on (PA), died at Berkeley Co. Va. [before ;5-14-1781]
Item 5, last page under the heading CHILDREN OF REVOLUTIONARY ANCESTOR contains the following in three columns (Name, Date of Birth, To Whom Married) :

Jacob Small, 1752, Barbara
Henry Small, -----, Eleanor Carson
Mary Ann, 1-23-1755, John Waller
[Adam, Jr], -----, [Elizabeth]
Also this handwritten note: [1781 - Adam Small, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth lived in Washington Twp., Cumberland Co., Pa.]

Note: This partially corresponds to information in Source G. This information is in conflict with Source E.

D. From Earl Robb (

An LDS microfiche document which lists the mother of Mary Ann Small (Waller) as Ann Owen. Mary Ann Small is supposedly a brother to Adam Small Jr, so this would make Ann Owen (in theory) the wife of Adam Small Sr. He didn't make a copy of that fiche document, so he needs to go back and look it up again. He suspects this document may not correct.

Note: This could be key information in resolving to whom Adam Sr and Adam Jr were married.

E. From William F. Ferris, Jr, Worldconnect Website database,

This webpage says that Mary Small (b. 22 Jan 1755 d. 23 Dec 1823 in Union County KY) married John Waller (b.28 Oct 1739 in VA) on 07 Mar 1771. It gives her parent's names as William Small and Mary and her grandfather's name as Capt. Matthew Small.

Note: This information is in conflict with Source C and some info in Source G.

F. From Kevin P. Noone, FamilyTreeMaker CD #8, Tree #3193

G. From Jim Small (, listowner of the SMALL-L mailing list

Descendants of Adam Small

1 Adam Small b: 1746 in York Co., Pennsylvania d: March 12, 1828 in
Berkeley Co., West Virginia, buried Franklin Co., PA
.. +Elizabeth Earhart b: Abt. 1745 in PA
......... 2 Jacob Small b: 1750 in York, Pennsylvania d: September 19,
1835 in Berkeley Co., Virginia
............. +Barbara Couchman
......... 2 Henry Small b: Abt. 1753 in of Berkeley Co., Virginia d: Aft.
August 13, 1827
............. +Mary Smith b: Abt. 1769 m: January 15, 1789 in Berkeley Co.,
......... *2nd Wife of Henry Small:
............. +Eleanor Carson m: June 09, 1795
......... 2 Mary Ann Small b: January 23, 1755 in possibly Berkeley Co.,
Virginia d: December 23, 1823 in Union Co., Kentucky
............. +John Waller b: 1752 in of King William/Spotsylvania Co.
Virginia d: May 25, 1822 in Union Co., Kentucky
......... 2 Adam Small b: Abt. 1756 d: March 12, 1828 in Washingrton Co.,
............. +Elizabeth b: Abt. 1756

Note: There is obviously a problem here with the Adams (see birthdates).

LDS IGI Marriage / Birth Index, VA lists the marriages of Mary Ellen to
Benjamin Couchman 12-22-1847 and a Mary Small married to a Michael Couchman
12-4-1828, both marriages are in Berkeley Co., VA, and apparently the
Couchman family moved with the Small's from York Co., PA into Berkeley Co.,
Va and the Small line there is connected to this one in PA.
Adam's death date is also recorded as Bef. August 21, 1781
Davidson Harrison Small
Harvey Thomas William Hill Virginia Lee
from Mrs. Garnett Small

1772 Adam Small from Penn. bought land in Frederick Co. Later Berkeley Co.
on road leading from Alexanderia to the Warm Springs (in Berkeley Co.)
Adam Small b ! 1730 m @ 1750 Elizabeth came from Pa. to Berkeley d 1780.
From Kay Redman
Son Adam Jr. Berkeley Co., Va. Sons Jacob & Henry. Franklin Co. Pa.
118 Adam Small 2 m 5 m 5 f
W. Va. Estates Settlements by Johnson . App. 8-21-1781 Berkeley Co.
1772-1815 Woodland Library

App. 8-21-1781 pg. 43
V. Va. Estate Settlements 1753-1850 Stockton Library

Berkeley Co., Va. Index of non-military Revolutionary Service. In the Lands
of Berkeley, Botetourt, Greenbrier, Hampshire and Monongolia. Now
represented by Forty-two Co. in W. Va. Facts are in Archives and maybe found
by a personnel search or secured from the author. Compiled by Anne Waller
Reddy, 1930

Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 Clark Gen. Pub. Co.
pg. 108 Muster of Cpt. Thomas, Norriss Co., Maryland Militia - 30 days
service undated 62 Soldier.

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Please contact Bruce Wiland at if you have any information from secondary sources that we can add to this list.