The Clara Swenson (Grimland) Family

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Clara Swenson
married Chris Grimland

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Parents of Clara Swenson:    Olena Marie Olsdatter Songe (Swenson)

Siblings of Clara Swenson:    *    Neal    John   

Children of Chris and Clara:    Marion    Joseph    Hattie (Price)    Marie (Lumpkin)   


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Clara had 4 children. If there is a link, click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Marion Neal Grimland [1885-1929] married Lottie Snell; 1 child; died at the age of 43


Joseph Ingval Gunerius Grimland [1887-1916] married Travis Sedberry; 1 child; died at the age of 28


Hattie Constance Grimland [1889-1971] married George Price; 2 children; died at the age of 81


Marie Louise Grimland [1992-1976] married Carroll Lumpkin; 2 children; died at the age of 84


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Clara Swenson Family Tree (first three generations)

Chris and Clara had 4 children, 6 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and 41 known great great grandchildren. Those shown in blue are known to be deceased.

Forebears First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
(great grandchildren)
Clara Anne Swenson Marion Neal Grimland Yearn Christian Grimland David Dunagan Grimland
Joseph Ingval Gunirius Grimland Joseph Rush Grimland Joseph Rush Grimland Jr
Hattie Constance Grimland Robert Earl Price Elizabeth Lee Price
Beverly Price
Virgie Lee Price Tom Hancock Barker
Robert William Barker
Marie Louise Grimland J. Edgar Lumpkin Gail Clayton Lumpkin
Laurie Ann Lumpkin
Betty Marie Lumpkin Stacy Byrns Langston
Gay Carol Langston
Leslie Marie Langston
Lewis Edwin Langston III