This site is dedicated to providing and soliciting genealogical information on the Wiland surname. There are only about 200 households in the United States with the Wiland surname. Most of those that spell the name as Wiland are believed to be descended from either Michael Wiland (????-ca 1794) or William Wiland (ca1785-1854) and are of German or German-Swiss ancestry. There is speculation that these two may be related but no connection between the two has yet been established. Additionally, the parents of both Michael and William have not yet been identified.  Michael Wiland and his family lived most of their lives in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. William Wiland and his family lived most of their lives in Allegany County. Maryland; Garrett County, Maryland; and Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

There are a few Wilands not related to Michael or William.  These descend from Stanley Wiland (also Wigand/Wilant) and from Peter J. Wiland. Stanley Wiland lived most of his life in Lucas County, Ohio after emigrating from Poland. Many of his descendants later lived in Multnomah County, Oregon. Peter J. Wiland Jr lived in Detroit, Michigan and emigrated from Germany or Poland. If anyone can provide any additional Wiland lines, we will be happy to place them on this page.

The following list of descendants trace only the Wiland surname, so descendants of the daughters are not shown here. Additionally, only the first few generations of Wilands are shown on this page. However, databases maintained offline contain more complete information for all descendants including the descendants of daughters. These databases have not been provided online but are maintained by the following persons and inquiries for further information from these databases should be forwarded to them:

Michael Wiland descendants - Contact Bruce L.Wiland. There are very few living descendants of Michael Wiland that still maintain the Wiland surname. Bruce Wiland is probably the only descendant left that stills uses the original spelling but there are a handful of descendants which use "Weiland" as the surname spelling.

William Wiland descendants - Contact Linda Wiland (a database for William Wiland descendants was originally created by Linda's father Olin K. Wiland who passed away in 2014)

Charles Stanislaw "Stanley" Wiland descendants - Contact Rachael Wiland

The information provided will hopefully allow you to place yourself in one of the Wiland lines. If not, you may email Bruce Wiland, and we will try to see where you fit. Additions and corrections to the databases for Michael Wiland and William Wiland are always welcome. If anyone can provide any information on the parents of Michael or William Wiland, we will be eternally grateful.

Bruce Wiland, 512-443-2918, Austin TX,

----------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MICHAEL WILAND FAMILY LINE ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Michael Wiland [????-ca1794] m. Christina _________ [????-????]
    A1. Elizabeth Wiland [????-????] m. Israel Jones (children?)
    A2. Christina Wiland [1782-1846] m. John Maxheimer (3 children)
    A3. John Wiland [1786-1861] m. Catherine Crider (7 children)
        B1. Christina Wiland [1810-1884] (never married)
        B2. Nancy Wiland [1813-1892] m. Daniel Suder (4 children)
        B3. Jacob Wiland [1814-1871] m. Sarah "Sallie" Brumbaugh [1815-1903]
            C1. John B. Wiland [1837-1890] m. Jennie Wysong (no children)
            C2. Abraham B. Wiland [1838-1862] (never married)
            C3. Elizabeth B. "Lizzie" Wiland [1841-1916] m. Thomas Leander Ely (6 children)
            C4. Catherine A. "Kate" Wiland [1844-1921] m. Samuel Peckman (4 children) 
            C5. Jacob C. Wiland [1846-1917] m. Annie Leidig (6 children)
                   D1. Carrie C____ Wiland [1868-1949] m. William Nelson Upperman [ca1868-ca1937] (no children)
                   D2. Elby Ross Wiland [1870-1933] m. Carrie E____ _______________ [1865-1926] (4 children)
                       E1. Luther Karns Wiland [1896-1970] m. Margaret C____ Baer [1895-1980] (1 child)
                           F1. Margaret Elaine Wiland [1925-1999] m1. Carmine Keith Lyons [1922-1957]  m2. ________ Stoops [________] (1 child)
                       E2. Anna Gail Wiland [1898-1973] m. Ralston Wells Orendorf [1899-1967] (no children)
                       E3. Irene Elizabeth Wiland [1900-1966] (never married)
                       E4. Paul Milton Wiland [1902-1952] m. Helen C____ Bricker [1904-1987] (1 child)
                           F1. Paul Milton Wiland Jr [1943-1997] (no children)
                   D3. John Franklin Wiland (Weiland) [1872-1947] m. Ella May Statler [1872-1948] (1 child)
                       E1. Glenn Statler Wiland (Weiland) [1906-1986] m. Gladys Asper Snyder [1906-2001] (1 child)
                           F1. Glenn Robert "Bob" Weiland [1931-2016] m1. Nancy Anne Baker [1931-1996] m2. Betty Jacobs [________] (3 children)
                   D4. William Leidig Wiland [1874-1921] m. Florence Dorcas Huber [1876-1921] (1 child)
                       E1. Lester Huber Wiland [1904-1974] m1. Mildred Lorraine Barkdoll [1905-1990] (1 child) m2. Lucille Olinghouse [1907] (no children)
                           F1. Lester Huber Wiland Jr [1929-2005] m. Annis Louise Olsen [1929] (2 children)
                   D5. Ettie Grace Wiland [1876-1882] (died young)
                   D6. Sarah E________ "Sally" Wiland [1879-1949] m. John B______ Keller [1879-1959] (no children)
            C6. William Wiland [1848-1923] m1. Lizzie Welker m2. Annie May Deshen (3 children)
                   D1. infant Wiland [1877-1880] (died young)
                   D2. W____ H____ Wiland [1879-bf1900] (died young)
                   D3. Frederic J____ "Fred" Wiland [1882-1964] (never married)
            C7. Henry B. "Harry" Wiland [1851-1886] m. Emma McDonald (no children)
            C8. Sarah Anne Wiland [1853-1937] m. William Wister (6 children)
            C9. Lavinah Wiland [1856-????] m. John Steiger (5 children)
        B4. Susanah Wiland [????-bf1861] m. J. Barnett Hoffman (children?)
        B5. Catherine Wiland [????-????] m. Mr. Oberholtzer (children?)
        B6. Barbara Wiland [1819-1888] m. Charles Brumbaugh (8 children)
        B7. Elizabeth Wiland [1820-1875] m. Henry G. Crider (11 children)
    A4. Christian Wiland [ca1787-ca1829] m. Mary ________ [????-????]
        B1. Charlotte Wiland [????-????] (married?)
        B2. Michael Wiland [????-????] (married?)
        B3. Sarah Wiland [????-????] (married?)
        B4. Leah Wiland [????-????] (married?)
    A5. Susanna Wiland [1791-1855] m. John Coble Jr (8 children)
    A6. Nancy Wiland [????-????] m. Daniel Coble (children?)

----------------------------------------------------------------------- THE WILLIAM WILAND FAMILY LINE ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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William Wiland [ca1785-1854] m. Margaret Durst [1791-af1860]
    A1. Phebe Wiland [1811-1854] m. Daniel Bittinger [1804-ca1879] (12 children)
    A2. Nancy Wiland [1812-1903] m1. Jacob Durst [1809-1837] (4 children)
                                 m2. James Mimna [????-????] (6 children)
    A3. Martha Wiland [ca1813-????] m. David Uphold [????-????] (1 child)
    A4. Matilda Wiland [ca1815-????] m. George Uphold [????-????] (9 children)
    A5. Charlotte Wiland [ca1816-????] m. Simeon Knox [ca1810-????] (4 children)
    A6. Jeremiah Wiland [1820-1905] m. Mary Ann Ansell [1822-1896]
        B1. Sarah Wiland [ca1843-bf1896) (married?)
        B2. Margaret Ann Wiland [ca1845-????] m. Andrew Robison [ca1838-????] (12 children)
        B3. Cyrus Wiland [1847-1924) m. Elizabeth Gray [1852-1924] (9 children)
        B4. Catherine Ann Wiland [1849-????] m. Joseph Gray [1845-????] (7 children)
        B5. William H. Wiland [1852-1929] m. Jane Thompson [1854-1938] (12 children)
        B6. Michael Wiland [ca1853-bf1896] (married?)
        B7. Naomi Wiland [ca1856-bf1896] (married?)
        B8. John Fieril Wiland [1858-1945] m. Annie Magdalene Ebaugh [1863-1943] (7 children)
        B9. Jeremiah M. Wiland [1866-1927] m. Annie Elizabeth Kroll [1867-1960] (4 children)
    A7. Joel Wiland [1825-1892] m. Catherine Hershberger [1827-1898]
        B1. Sarah JaneWiland [1848-1920] m. Simeon Bittinger [1841-1933] (3 children)
        B2. Lydia Wiland [1850-????] m. Charles S. McKenzie [ca1863-????] (children?)
        B3. Mary A. Wiland [1852-1928] m. Israel Duckworth [1849-????] (2 children)
        B4. Samuel Wiland [1854-1916] m. Henrietta Maria Broadwater [1862-1938] (10 children)
        B5. Anna Catherine Wiland [1857-1927] m. Jonathan Kennard Broadwater [1852-1930] (12 children)
        B6. Arminta Wiland [ca1859-????] m. John Stephen [????-????] (children?)
        B7. Lloyd Wiland [1862-1943] m. Sarah Elizabeth McIntyre [1869-1895] (2 children)
        B8. John William Wiland [1865-1936] m. Charlotte McIntyre [1870-1952] (8 children)
        B9. Edward Wiland [1868-1938] m. Stella Ravenscraft [1877-1966] (children?)
        B10. Noah Wiland [1874-????] m. Nettie Hall [1874-1943] (children?)
    A8. Louisiana Wiland [1828-1920] m. Samuel Durst [1822-1905] (12 children)
    A9. Margaret Wiland [ca1832-????] m. Solomon Custer [1829-????] (6 children)
    A10. Maria Wiland [ca1834-????]
    A11. N.N. Wiland [ca1835-????]

----------------------------------------------------------------------- THE STANLEY WILAND FAMILY LINE ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Charles Stanislaw "Stanley" Wiland [1864-1937] m1. Victoria Adamski [1880-____]
                                               m2. Elizabeth C____ Adamski [1889-1955]
    ¹A1. Peter Wiland [1898-____]
    ¹A2. Sigmund S____ Wiland [1900-1980] m. Mary C____ __________ [1903-1981]
         B1. George Sigmund Wiland [1928-1996] m1. ________ __________ [________] N.C.
                                               m2. Rachael Leona "Babe" Roberts [1913-____] N.C.
            ²C*. Glenn Francis Perry Jr [1933-1997] m. Armona Pearl Jones [1934-2000]
            ²C*. Delores Audrey Perry [1936] m1. Darrell Keith Freeman [1934]
                                             m2. Virgil McTimmonds [________]
         B2. David T____ Wiland [1930-1991] m. Elta M____ Stein [1927-1991]
             C1. Blake Wiland [________] m. Sharryl Lundquist [________]
                 D1. Rachael Marie Wiland [________]
                 D2. Noel Rae Wiland [________]
             C2. Craig Wiland [________]
             C3. Alan Wiland [________]
             C4. Kimberly Wiland [________] m. Doug Shultz [________] N.C.
         B3. Hipolate Wiland [________]
         B4. Leona Wiland [________] m. George Connely [________]
             C1. Maureen Connely [________] m. ________ Teeter [________]
             C2. Kevin Connely [________]
             C3. Sean Connely [________]
    ²A3. Alice H____ M____ Wiland [ca1914]
    ²A4. Arthur I____ Wiland [ca1915] m. Elizabeth M____ __________ [ca1886-____]
    ²A5. Esther S____ Wiland [ca1916]

----------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PETER WILAND JR FAMILY LINE ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Read background information on Peter J. Wiland Jr

Peter J. Wiland Jr [ca1876-80 -????]  m1. Mary Stefanski [1877–1910]
                                   m2. Catherine "Kate" Koprowski (Kwasniewski) [1877–1958]
    A1. Alexander Edmund Wiland [1907-1961]
    A2. Mary Angeline Wiland [1908-1995]
    A3. Felix Conrad Wiland [1912-1992] m. Helen C. ___________ [1916–1973]
    A4. Roman Wiland [1914-1968] m. Dorothy Victoria Blakley [1911–1983]
    A5. Helen Honora Wiland [1916-1992] m. John Olvier Croushore [1910–1994]
    A6. Edward Wiland [ca1917-????]
    A7. Bernard P. Wiland [1921-2000] m. Tillie Reinholz [1925-2007]
         B1. Gerald F. Wiland [1948–1976]
         B2. Cynthia Ann Wiland [1957–1972]


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