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    This is an e-mail newsletter about the Grimland family and is being sent to those for whom I have e-mail addresses.  If you know of others that are not included, send them to me so they can be added.  This is being sent in about three separate groups because we are now such a large group.

    DEATH OF WILMA FRIEND. Wilma Friend died in San Angelo, Texas on Oct. 23 at the age of 82.  She was the wife of Batts Friend and a daughter of Lucille Grimland and Willard Hutcherson.  Lucille was a daughter of Lucy Wallace and James Grimland.  James was the fifth child of Yern Grimland and the second child of his second wife Inger Halverson.  Yern  was the child of Liv Nilsdatter and Jorgen Grimeland.

    DEATH OF SPURGEON CARROLL.  Clarence Spurgeon Carroll died on Oct. 23 also.  Spurgeon apparently died from a heart attack while moving some trash with a tractor.  He was a child of Evie Grimlan and Plato Carroll.  Evie was
the first child of Ellen Gray and Will Grimlan.  Will was the first child of Annie Eddy and Ole Grimland.  Ole was the third child of Liv Nilsdatter and Kittel Grimland.

    GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS. Skipper Solberg and Jay Francis were recognized by the Guinness Book of Records for constructing the world's longest working linear slide rule (350 feet 6.6 inches).  It is called the Texas Magnum.  Information about it is on the website at .  In addition, a slide rule convention was
organized by Skip and held recently in Richardson, Texas.  An article about it was in the Oct. 15 issue of The Dallas Morning News.  Skip is the first son of Marie Ellis and Allen Solberg.  Allen was the second child of Hallie Canuteson and Chris Solberg.  Chris was the third child of Kerste Grimland and Ole Solberg.  Kerste was the sixth child of Liv Nilsdatter and Kittel Grimland.

    TWINS BORN. Joseph Jackson (Jackson) Buser III and Andrew William Buser were born Sept. 29 in Dallas, Texas to Gina Wright and Joe Buser, Jr.  Joe is the first child of Jurdis Sibley and Joe Buser. Jurdis is the first child of Olive Dahl and Bill Sibley.  Olive was the first child of Callie Solberg and Helmer Dahl.  Callie was the first child of Josie Johnson and Ole Solberg, Jr., who was the first child of Kerste Grimland and Ole Solberg.

    LAST CALL BAND. Korey Couch is a member of a six-piece rock band in Dallas, Texas, named Last Call.  Korey plays the drums.  Their website at has photographs, biographies, song titles, schedule of gigs, etc.  They performed recently with other bands for a benefit for the recent terrorist survivors.  Korey is the second son of
Carol Grimland and John Couch, Jr.  Carol is the second daughter of Bonnie Solberg and Irvin Grimland.  Bonnie is a twin with Johnny Solberg as the eighth and ninth children of Josie Johnson and Ole Solberg, Jr.  Also, Irvin was a child of Constance Lindberg and Beno Grimland.  Beno was the fifteenth child of Yern Grimland and his second wife Inger Halverson.

    MUSTANG COMMUNITY WEB SITE. Jan and Mark Wallace have an excellent website related to the Grimland family , where some of the Grimlands lived, and some links to other websites: .  The Mustang community is about four miles northeast of Cranfills Gap, mainly north of highway 22.  Included is a good article about the A. C. Grimland family and  their family reunions.  The Rock Church Cemetery, to which they have a link,
is near Cranfills Gap and gives names of people buried there, including many Grimland family members.  Pictures of some tombstones are included also. Mark Wallace is the second child of Tirah Knudson and J. M. Wallace.  Tirah is the first child of Sadie Grimland and Conrad Knudson.  Sadie was the second child of Theresa Jenson and A. C. Grimland.  A. C. was the third child of Yern Grimland and his second wife Inger Halverson.

    ANTHRAX INSPECTIONS. Danny Dougherty from San Antonio is a member of a five-man team from Earth Tech that is inspecting for anthrax in U.S. Post Offices.  They checked four in Dallas the last few days before going to
Little Rock, Arkansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Danny is the husband of Marla Solberg, the second daughter of Jane Massey and Ruell Solberg, Jr.  Ruell is the first child of Ruby Rogstad and Ruel Solberg.  Ruel was the sixth child
of Josie Johnson and Ole Solberg, Jr.

    LUTEFISK DINNER. The 36th annual Lutefisk Dinner (called Supper previously) is scheduled for Dec. 1 at the Cranfills Gap, Texas public school.  Tickets are available until Nov. 23.  Additional information can be obtained at the school's website at .  Prior to the supper, the annual Norwegian Country Christmas Tour will be held in the Clifton-Norse Community area.  Additional information about the tour can be obtained by telephone at (800) 344-3720 and by e-mail at .Clifton is officially the Norwegian capital of Texas.

    NORWEGIAN CONDOLENCES AND CONCERNS. In a letter recently received from an official in Norway, he stated that America has a very special place in the hearts of the Norwegian people.  He said that prayers were offered in
all Norwegian churches for the victims and their families, for the president of the U.S.A., the Congress, and the entire American nation on the Sunday after the terrorists' attack on Sept. 11.  He said that at a time like that, four and a half million Norwegians realize the close bonds of friendship that exist between them and the American people.  He said that it is important to affirm what is good and what we have in common.

    Ruell Solberg, Jr.

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