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Hope everyone had as good Thanksgiving Holidays as possible!!!

    Sending a short family newsletter, primarily to let people know about the death of a family member in a timely manner.

    DEATH OF EXA PERRY.  Exa Mae Hodge Perry died this morning about 2:15. Her funeral services will be at 1:00 pm on Nov. 28 (Wednesday) at the Briggs & Gamel Funeral Home in Lampasas, Texas.  She will be buried in Lampasas.
Exa was born in 1911 and was the third child of Maude Grimland and Oscar Parker Hodge.  Maude was the fourth child of Ole Grimland and Annie Eddy. Ole was the third child of Kittel Grimland and the fourth child of Liv Nilsdatter.

    BIRTH OF JENNA RENEE HLAVATY.  Jenna Renee Hlavaty was welcomed into the world at 5:12 pm on Nov. 23 by her parents Steve and Traci Hlavaty.  See a picture of Jenna.  She was born in Greenville, South Carolina and weighed 5 lb. 12 oz.  Steve is the second child of Christy Solberg and Harry Hlavaty of Carrollton, Texas.  Christy is the second child of Ruel Solberg and Ruby Mae Rogstad.  Ruel was the sixth child of Ole Solberg, Jr. and Josie Johnson.  Ole was the first child of Kerste Grimland and Ole Solberg.  Kerste was the sixth child of Kittel Grimland and the seventh of Liv Nilsdatter.

    CHAMPION GOLFERS.  Alexa Grimland won her third consecutive 10-and-under Junior Club Championship at Brookhaven Country Club (in the Dallas area?). The Carrollton Christian Academy fourth-grader shot a two-day total of 76 for 18 holes, 32 strokes better than her nearest competitor.  Alexa started playing golf with her father, who is a three-time Brookhaven Men's Club champion, when she was four years old.  An article about them was on page 14B of The Dallas Morning News on Nov. 2.  Alexa is a daughter of Larry Grimland and Jessica Duckworth.  Larry is the child of Allen Grimland and Janelle Sanders of the Norse Community.  Allen is the third child of Oscar Grimland and the second child of his second wife Annie Christine Buswold. Oscar was the third child of Jorgen (Little Yern) Grimland and Annie Olson. Little Yern was the fifth child of Kittel Grimland and the sixth of Liv Nilsdatter.

    ANCESTRAL LINES.  When I give the ancestral lines of people in these newsletters, I am working on the basis of what I think to be correct and the best information that I have.  When I give erroneous information, I really want to receive feedback so I can correct what I have.  Also, I make mistakes.

    NORWEGIAN INVENTION.  It is hard to imagine offices without using paper clips.  Office workers can thank Norwegian Johan Valer for this handy organizing device.  It was patented in 1899.

    Ruell Solberg, Jr.

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