GRIMLAND NEWSLETTER - 08 September 2002

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   This is a family newsletter that is sent infrequently to the Grimland family for whom email addresses are known.
    GRIMLAND FAMILY REUNION.  Information about the Grimland family reunion at the National Guard Armory in Clifton on Oct. 5 has been sent earlier.  Some additional information and clarifications are given here.  Each family should bring food to combine with food from others for a potluck meal.  Facilities for heating or cooling food are very limited, so people are asked to bring coolers and ice chests to keep items cool or warm until just before eating at about 12:30 pm.  Also, each family is asked to bring serving spoons for the food to be shared and plates, forks, beverages, etc. for their own use.  Tea and lemonade will be furnished.

    People are encouraged to start arriving at 10:00 am so there is adequate time to visit and to set up for the activities.  A playground leader will have activities and equipment for children during the afternoon.

    Items should be brought for a silent auction.  The proceeds will be used for expenses for the reunion and possible future activities.  There will also be a program about the Grimland family, and information will be given about the significant progress toward publishing a Grimland family tree.  People should bring information about the family to add to and to verify the current information, so the family tree can be finalized and published after the reunion.

    For additional information, to volunteer to help, or for questions, contact the planning committee co-chairs of Joyce David at (254) 694-0089 or or Carol Couch at (817) 283-0250 or .  Additional contacts for the reunion include Wanda Mobley and Ruell Solberg, Jr.  Their telephone numbers and email addresses are (915) 784-6589 and and (210) 684-1326 and , respectively.

    CHAMPIONSHIP GOLFER.  The Sept. 4 issue of THE CLIFTON RECORD indicated that 11-year-old Alexa Grimland has had a very good summer playing golf on the North American PGA Junior Prep Tour.  She entered a dozen tournaments and finished in first place in nine, second in two, and fourth in one.  There was information about her in the Nov. 25, 2001 Grimland family email newsletter.  Alexa is a daughter of Larry Grimland and Jessica Duckworth.  Larry is the child of the late Allen Grimland and Janelle Sanders of the Norse Community.  Allen was the third child of Oscar Grimland and the second child of his second wife Annie Christine Buswold.  Oscar was the third child of Jorgen (Little Yern) Grimland and Annie Olson.  Little Yern was the fifth child of Kittel Grimland and the sixth of Liv Nilsdatter.

    STAGES OF GENEALOGY.  The FAMILY CIRCLE JOURNAL of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society recently listed the five stages of genealogy, which some of us can probably relate to with all of the information which we have been obtaining.  First is Denial (I'm NOT related to you.) followed by Anger (I'm related to YOU?).  Then, comes Bargaining (Okay, I'm related to you, but only by marriage.) and Depression (You mean I am related to you?).  Last is Acceptance (I guess that I am related to you.)

    KOREY COUCH.  After significant back pain, Korey Couch recently had disc surgery.  He is proceeding through a slow recovery and has to be careful of actions and lifting things.  Korey is the second son of Carol Grimland and John Couch, Jr.  Carol is the second daughter of Bonnie Solberg and Irvin Grimland.  Bonnie is a twin with Johnny Solberg as the eighth and ninth children of Josie Johnson and Ole Solberg, Jr., who was the first child of Kerste Grimland and Ole Solberg.  Also, Irvin was a child of Constance Lindberg and Beno Grimland.  Beno was the fifteenth child of Yern Grimland and his second wife Inger Halverson.

    FAMILY IN MILITARY.  There is interest in family members that are currently in the military.  Send information to me of the branch of the military, rank, current location, U.S. and email addresses, telephone number, etc. for each person, and we will help them to be more aware of each other.

    SEPTEMBERFEST.  The 25th annual Septemberfest will be held at Cranfills Gap, Texas in Bosque County on September 14 (Saturday).  Fun for the entire family and all-day events include entertainment, arts and crafts booths, food, classic car show, quilt show, various children's activities, pictorial history of Bosque County, lawnmower races, basketball and volleyball tournaments, horseshoe and washer tournaments, and cow patty bingo.  An olde-time main street parade begins at 10:00 am and has been timed in the past to last more than 30 minutes.  A number of senior classes of the Gap school are having class reunions also.

    LIVE IN NORWAY.  For the second year running, the U.N. Human Development Report ranked Norway as the number one place in the world to live, based on a list of indicators including health, wealth, and social outlook.  The report ranks 173 nations according to the degree of human development.  Sweden was third.

    Ruell Solberg, Jr.

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