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    A reunion for all descendants of all Grimland family members was held on October 5, 2002 at The Armory in the Clifton, Texas City Park.  Approximately 138 people attended.  The last known large Grimland family reunion was for the family of Jorgen (Yern) and Inger Grimland on August 5-12, 1945 on the Wallace farm near Clifton.  Attendance was larger then, but the family is more dispersed now.

    The Grimland family goes back to Norway where Jorgen Gunstensen Grimeland married Liv Nilsdatter Ufsvatn in Norway in 1832.  Jorgen died before his son Jorgen Jorgensen (Yern) Grimeland was born.  Then, Liv married Kittel Gunstensen Grimeland, a younger brother of the deceased Jorgen, and they had six children before immigrating to Henderson County in East Texas in 1850.  They had one additional child after arriving in Texas and moved to Bosque County in Central Texas in 1868.

     The names of the children of Liv and Kittel Grimland were Gunsten, Niels, Ole, Gjeruld, Jorgen (J. K.), Kerste, and Reinert.  The only daughter, Kerste, married Ole Solberg.  The e in the surname was dropped after they arrived in Texas, and William Yearl Grimlan, first child of Ole Grimland, and his descendants dropped the d.

     Joyce David and Carol Couch were co-chairs of the reunion.  Program co-chairs were Betty Poe and Wanda Mobley.  Food coordinator was Kesa Clingman.  Susan Couch was the playground leader for the children.  Silent auction chair was John Warren, and Ruell Solberg, Jr. was publicity chair.

    Family members began arriving before 10:00 am.  Separate registration tables were set up for each child of Liv Grimland that have descendants.  Significant information and decorations with color coordination was at each table.  Family members in charge of the registration tables were Janey Ivey for Jorgen (Yern) Grimland, Lorean Davis and Floyd and Eddie Grimland for Gunsten Grimland, John and Margie Warren for Niels Grimland, Jo Ann Davidson for Ole Grimland, Cecil and Frances Tergerson for J. K. Grimland, and Christy Hlavaty and Jane Solberg for Kerste Grimland Solberg.

     Before eating, Ed Nelson shared religious thoughts, read a prayer written by Liv Grimland, and gave the mealtime prayer.  A generous potluck lunch was shared.

     The program started with the posting of the colors by Troop No. 376 of the Boy Scouts of America from Clifton.  They also led the group in the pledges of allegiance to the flags of the United States and Texas.

    Derwood Johnson made a presentation about early Norway and living conditions there at the time of the major immigration to the U.S.A.  Wanda Mobley discussed some of the family evolvement.  Ruell Solberg, Jr. presented some information about the Grimland family in Norway and the Kerste Grimland Solberg family group.  Floyd Grimland presented information about the Pete Grimland family group.

 Bruce Wiland gave the status of the Grimland family tree.  A master copy was available for review and to note corrections and additions.  The goal is for all information to be submitted to Bruce by January 1, 2003 at , (512) 443-2918, or 1510 Oxford, Austin, Texas 78704.  The family tree will then be printed, and copies will be mailed.  Expected total costs are expected to be about $20 to $25 each, depending on the total number of copies made.  Those who did not sign up for copies at the reunion should notify Bruce of the quantities that they want.  After the exact costs are determined, Bruce will notify people to mail their checks to him.  Later copies will likely cost more, if available, because of smaller quantities that will be made.

  Approximately 3,000 people in the Grimland family have been identified so far, and some are yet to be identified.  The family has been divided into groups with specific individuals taking the lead for obtaining information for their group.

  Some of the family groups are missing significant information.  Help is needed for the following children and their spouses of Jorgen (Yern) Grimland (first child of Liv): 1) Annette Gurine Gimland and Arnt E. Bye and J. G. Butler, 2) Laura Katherine Grimland and Nels Olaus Nelson, and 3) Gustaf David (Gus) Grimland and Leah Townsend.

  Under Kittle and Liv Grimland, help is needed for 1) Karen Louisa Grimland and Anton L. Peterson and 2) Inez Adelia Grimland and Edmond Alexander Tweedy, Jr. and Durie Clinton Holverson.

  Previous articles about the Grimland family meetings provide lists of the contact persons for the remaining grandchildren of Liv.  The website for the Grimland family at gives the contact persons, a way to communicate with them, previous newspaper articles of the Grimland family meetings, previous family email newsletters, and other information.

     People who have or know of people that have information about the Grimland family or are interested in helping with the family tree, book, or other items are urged to communicate with a contact person for a family group or Bruce Wiland, Wanda Mobley, or Ruell Solberg, Jr.  Their e-mail addresses are , , and , respectively.  Their telephone numbers are (512) 443-2918, (915) 784-6589, and (210) 684-1326, respectively.  Also, people can take the leads for smaller family groups than what is implied here.

      The youngest person in attendance was Cooper Lynn Ivey, seven-month old son of Walker and Yvette Ivey.  The oldest person was Thelma Grimland, 93 years old.  Traveling the farthest distance were Andrew (Bud) and Joyce Koorn from Edmonds, Washington.

      Elected new officers were Wanda Mobley, president, and John Reesing, treasurer.

      Attendees from the family of Jorgen (Yern) Grimland were Ben and Martha Howe of Montgomery; Olga Benfer, Wanda Thompson, Gus and Sue Schumann, Janey Ivey, Jewell Finstad, Bonnie Grimland, Vernon and Martha Swenson, and Merrell Sparks of Clifton; Evelyn Smith of Cranfills Gap; Ric Grimland of Aledo; Joe Grimland, Jr. of Plano; Carol Bradshaw of Greenville; Kevin, Travis, and Brandon Couch of Colleyville; Raymond Benfer of Springtown; Helen Mask and Oliver Benfer of Fort Worth; Jerry and Joyce David of Whitney; Carol Couch of Euless; Susan and Katelyn Couch and Ed, Kesa, Tova, and Steffen Clingman of Keller; Roland and Carol Bronstad of North Richland Hills; Glen Grimland of Mesquite; Ed and Marlee Nelson of Volga, South Dakota; Rob Ivey and Haley Ivey of Kopperl; Patsy Grimland of Kaufman; Walker, Yvette, K. C., Dinah, and Cooper Ivy and Courtney Grimland of Arlington; and Kris Grimland of Elizabeth, Colorado.

      From the Gunsten Grimland family were Floyd and Eddie Grimland of Troy; Lucille Fitzsimmons of Granbury; Frances Watson and Barbara Hopkins of Winter Park, Florida; Andrew (Bud) and Joyce Koorn of Edmonds, Washington; Lorean Davis, Donna Maness, David Maness, and Dustin Maness of Meridian; Virgil and Betty Tindall, Katherine Tindall, and Thelma Grimland of Cranfills Gap; Valerie and Braeden Derrick of San Antonio; J. R. and Shirley McAdams of Sweetwater; Rickey Bowen of San Marcos; Grady and Mary McAdams of Robert Lee; Terry and Sally Grimland and Dwain, Alison, Abbie, and Matthew Tipton of Silverton; Jeff and Amy Grimland of Annabelle, Utah; Tommy Joe and Leona Grimland of Mesquite; Odell and Myrtle Welborn of Midland; and Dennis and Linda Alger of Stinnett.

      Attending from the Niels Grimland family were Ernest and Diane Vogt from Yantis; Bobby and Sugie von Bieberstein, Brenna von Bieberstein, and Robert von Bieberstein from Austin; and Mary Douglas from Dallas.

      From the Ole Grimland family were Bobby Sommerville from Valley View; Bill and Wanda Mobley from Brownwood; Aubrey, Rhonda, and Kenny Watson from Jal, New Mexico; Stewart, Stephanie, Zachary, and Tanner Swinford from Palestine; Paul and Joy Teague from Graham; Layne and Reva Teague from Sugar Land; Jo Dell Conner and Connie Conner from Artesia, New Mexico; Jim, Cheryl, Traci, and Kasey Grimlan from Alvarado; Johnnie Dale Watson, Parma Watson, and Jo Ann Davidson from Lampasas; Bobby Dale and Betty Poe from Lometa; John and Margie Warren from Burnett; and Cecil (Jack) Grimlan from ________________.

      Attending from the J. K. Grimland family were Cecil (Tergy) and Frances Tergerson from Fort Worth; Bill and Margie Bryan from Edna; Archie Tergerson from Dallas; and Monroe, Lucy, and Gary Johnson from Brownwood.

      Attending from the family of Kerste Grimland Solberg were Harry and Christy Hlavaty of Carrollton; Jerry and Kathy McCoy of Austin, and Ruell and Jane Solberg, Jr. of San Antonio.  The following were listed earlier for the Jorgen (Yern) Grimland family group: Bonnie Grimland; Carol Couch; Ric Grimland; Jerry and Joyce David; Kevin, Travis, and Brandon Couch; Susan and Katelyn Couch; and Courtney Grimland.

      Guests included Judge Derwood and Ann Johnson of Waco; Alice Jackson of Valley View; Jenny Newton of Meridian; Bruce Wiland and David Meldner of Austin; and Scoutmaster Ron Dowden and two members from Scout Troop No. 376 from Clifton.

      A silent auction was utilized to raise funds.  Results from evaluation sheets will be used to make decisions about future family reunions.  The meeting was adjourned around 4:00 pm.

      Ruell Solberg, Jr. wishes to receive email and U.S. mail addresses of all Grimland descendants for future communications.  Send them to him at 5906 Forest Cove, San Antonio, Texas 78240-3429 or at the email address or phone number given earlier.  He has been sending out Grimland family e-mail newsletters and other information.

    Ruell Solberg, Jr.

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