Developed for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality by Wiland Consulting, Inc.

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To download the most current version that Louisiana DEQ has posted on their website (Version 11.0 as of October 2023), click here and scroll down to the LA-QUAL model link under the heading TMDL Water Quality Modeling. No login is necessary to download this model from the Louisiana DEQ website. An older version of LA-QUAL (Version 9.38) is also available on the Louisiana DEQ website here.

The LA-QUAL model defaults to the Louisiana DEQ defaults. However, for any given version number, the LA-QUAL model will yield identical results to the QUAL-TX model used by the Texas Commision on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) if the the "Model Assumptions" are set to "Texas (TCEQ) defaults" in the menu Preferences/Additional Preferences. LA-QUAL may have newer versions than QUAL-TX with additional enhancements and corrections not available with QUAL-TX. These will be shown in the version history above.

Download zipped file with LA-QUAL executable, User's Manual, and example data set (these downloads require login):

Version 11.02

Version 11.01

Version 11.00

Version 10.03

Version 10.01

Version 9.38

Version 9.37

Version 9.36

Version 9.35

Version 9.34

Version 9.32

Version 9.30