Photos from Pascack Valley High School, Hillsdale NJ, circa 1970

I was digitizing my collection of old photos and ran across some negatives (no prints) in an envelope that had no description on the envelope. I scanned the negatives and found the images shown on this page. One of the photos was of several cheerleaders, and on the sweater of one of them was the name "Pascack Valley Cheerleaders". An internet search turned up this high school in Hillsdale NJ. For the life of me, I had no idea how I would have come into possession of these negatives since I live in Texas. Because I graduated high school in 1970, I figured I must have met or known someone from Pascack Valley High School when I was in college at The University of Texas. However, I could not remember who that might be or how I came into possession of these negatives. It was a complete mystery to me.

I sent an email to the current principal of Pacack Valley High School, Mr. Thomas De Maio, and he made some inquiries. I received this response from him:

This is what we could find out for you.
Donna Ferraro  2/7/2012 9:23 AM >>>
that is my sister's class, I think 1971 or 72, I was 69. my sister patti is in the picture, Sue Wilson, Joanne Pirondi, and Karen Skutnick, now Smith she married Wayne Smith, my sister doesn't know the guy, maybe the other girls did, Sue Wilson first on left was an airline stewardess for years, joanne pirondi moved to Santa Barbara in the 70's, karen skutnick stayed local and married wayne smith.
hope this helps Thomas De Maio Principal Pascack Valley High School

I also got this from Virginia Ricci in the Class of 1967 who I found on a Class of 1967 reunion page:

Hello Bruce
The people in these photos are definitely not from Class of '67.  But I think I've nailed down one of them in my '67 yearbook as Class of '69.
I have a feeling that the boy in photo 6 and the girl, 2nd from the right, in photo 1 are siblings.  I don't know why I feel this but I think I'd know their names if given a multiple choice! lol
I've got a couple of emails to send to confirm this and will get back to you when I hear something.

Finally, I found a webpage that listed some of the graduates of the Pascack Valley High School Class of 1970. I recognized one of the names, Melanie Lutenbacher, and remembered that she had been from New Jersey before her family moved to Conroe TX. I met her at The University of Texas in Austin and we were friends many, many years ago. So, these photos must have been taken by her.

I would like to identify the names in the photos just so someone searching the internet might find some old photos of themselves or friends to enjoy. Let me know if you can identify them.

Bruce Wiland,

Download high resolution versions of these photos in a zip file (2.7 MB):

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8