The Emma Rea (Hoff) Family

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Johan Pedersen
(John Hoff)

Emma Sophia Rea


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Parents of Randy Rea:    Knud Olsen Rye and Astrid Tidemandsdatter Hilmen

Siblings of Randy Rea:    O.K.    T.K.    Randy (Smith)    Guri    Peter    H.K.    Oscar John    Gelena (Swenson)    *     Clara   


Emma came to Texas with her parents in 1885 at stayed at the home of John Rogstad. She eventually moved to Indian Gap in Hamilton County where she taught school. A romance developed between Emma and John Hoff who lived in Comanche. John Hoff was a widower having previously been married to Martha Rogstad, the sister of John Rogstad in whose home Emma had lived for many years. John Hoff’s young children had gone to live in the home of Martha’s brother John Rogstad soon after the death of their mother. They had been living with the Rogstads for nine years when John and Emma married. Emma was willing to take on the responsibility of raising two teenage daughters and married John Hoff in 1897. They bought a house in Comanche and three children were born to this union in addition to Emma’s two stepdaughters. John Hoff was a prominent citizen of Comanche where he was a merchant, miller, county commissioner, and county judge. He owned Comanche Milling Co. where he made Hoff’s Best Flour along with feeds. He died in 1931 after falling from a ladder while making a repair to his mill. It was believed a heart attack may have caused his fall. Emma died in 1951.


Emma and John had 3 children. If there is a link, click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Rea Thomas Hoff [1899-1992] married at least five time (Florence Rainier, Irene Walker, Myrtle Jones, et al); 1 child with Florence Rainier; died at the age of 93


Glennie Pauline Hoff [1902-1983] married William L. Zent Jr; 1 children; died at the age of 81


John Edward Hoff [1906-1966] married Johnnie Durst; 2 children; died at the age of 60