The Randy Rea (Smith) Family

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George Washington Smith

Rangdi Knutsdatter Rye
(Randy Rea)


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Parents of Randy Rea:    Knud Olsen Rye and Astrid Tidemandsdatter Hilmen

Siblings of Randy Rea:    O.K.    T.K.    *     Guri    Peter    H.K.    Oscar John    Gelena (Swenson)    Emma (Hoff)    Clara   


Randy married George Smith in Wisconsin before coming to Texas. Exactly when they came to Texas is currently unknown, but they settled in the town of Cleburne. Their first child Oscar was born in January, 1882. Two twin girls, Nettie and Lettie, were born in September, 1885. There is conflicting information on where the first three children were born. Some source says Oscar was born in Cleburne, but it is more likely that the first three children were born in Wisconsin. In August, 1888, Randy died leaving four children. The youngest child Quincy was born in Texas and died at the age of 15 months, two months after his mother’s death.


George and Randy had 4 children. If there is a link, click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Oscar Sterling Rea [1882-1971] married Elizabeth Wilkes; three children; died at the age of 89


Lettie Eleanor Rea [1884-1980] married twice (Joseph Smith Jr and Everett Griffith; one child with Joseph Smith; died at the age of 96


Nettie Esther Rea [1884-1974] married James Hopper; one child; died at the age of 89


Quincy Alvin Rea [1887-1888] died young at the age of 1 year 3 months