Anna Marie Syversdatter Fjæstad and Family

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Anna Marie Syversdatter Fjaestad
married Syverin Christofferson


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Parents of Julea:   Syver Larsen Fjæstad and Kersti Christensdatter

Siblings of Julea:    Syverine    Helene (Olsen)    Lina (Torkelson/Kizziar)    Karen Mathea    Julea (Korslund)    Lars    Syverine    *    Karoline (Holen)   

Children of Anne Marie and Syverin:       Carl   


Anne Marie was born on 26 Jan 1877 at Heknerydningen in Romedal. She was baptized 29 Apr 1877 at Tomter kirke. In the 1900 census, Anne was living at Hægdehougsveien 27 in Christiana (Oslo). She emigrated to America sometime during or shortly after 1900. She married Syverin Christofferson Søbakke in McLennan County, Texas in 07 Oct 1904, and they had one son named Carl. Anne died in 18 Sep 1905 in Coolidge, Texas from typhoid fever at the age of 28. She is probably buried somewhere near Coolidge, but the location is unknown. After she died, her 6-month old child Carl went to live with and be raised by Anne’s older sister Helene.

Baptismal Record of Anne Marie Syversdatter (Romedal Ministerialbok nr.7, s.23, #34)
Baptismal Record of Anne Marie Syversdatter (Romedal Klokkerbok nr.11, s.70, #34)


Anne Marie and Syverin had one child. If there is a link, click on the child below to see further information on that child.


Carl Christofferson [1905-1971] (married twice; no children; no descendants; died at the age of 66)


Anne Marie Syversdatter Fjæstad (Oslo, ca1900)

Syverin and Anne Marie Christofferson (Texas, ca1904)

Family Tree

Anna Marie Syversdatter Fjæstad [1877-1905] m. Syverin Christofferson Søbakke [ca1875-1915?]
     A1. Carl Christofferson [1905-1971] m1. ________ __________ [________] N.C.
                                         m2. Lucille __________ [________] N.C.