Julea Syversdatter Fjæstad and Family

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Julea Syversdatter Fjaestad
married Bernhard Mortensen Korslund


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Parents of Julea:   Syver Larsen Fjæstad and Kersti Christensdatter

Siblings of Julea:    Syverine    Helene (Olsen)    Lina (Torkelson/Kizziar)    Karen Mathea    *    Lars    Syverine    Anna Marie (Christofferson)    Karoline (Holen)   

Children of Julea and Bernhard:       Thorvald    Asbjørn    Kirsti (Walheim)    Bjarne    Arthur    Gunhild (Arnesen)   


Julea was born on 22 May 1872 at Gråberget vestre in Romedal, the second child and second daughter born to Syver Larsen Fjæstad and Kersti Christensdatter. She was baptized 21 Jul 1871 in Tomter kirke. Julea emigrated to America sometime before 1898. Julea was in Texas for a short time, and afterwards in Massachusetts, living first at 1 Elwood Street in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston and later at 33 Vine Street in Melrose. Julea married Bernhard Motensen Korslund (who was from Løten in Norway) on 17 Mar 1898 somewhere in the United States, possibly in the Boston area.

Baptismal Record of Julea Syversdatter (Romedal Ministerialbok nr.5, s.94, #62+)
Baptismal Record of Julea Syversdatter (Romedal Klokkerbok nr.10, s.45, #78+)

Julea and Bernhard returned to Norway the same year they married and settled in Hamar. They had six children. Bernhard died tragically on Syttende Mai (May 17, Norway’s Constitution Day) in 1910 when he was using fireworks and picked up an unexploded one that suddenly went off. Julea died on 10 May 1925 at Grønnergata in Hamar at the age of 52.

Death Record of Bernhard Korslund (Hamar Ministerialbok nr.1, s.305, #10)
Death Record of Bernhard Korslund (Hamar Klokkerbok nr.1, s.301, #10)
Death Record of Julie Korslund (Hamar Ministerialbok nr.2, s.270, #13)
Death Record of Julie Korslund (Hamar Klokkerbok nr. 4, s.270, #13)


Julea and Bernhard had 6 children. If there is a link, click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Thorvald Syver Korslund [1898-1986] married Golla Lindokken; 2 children; died at the age of 87


Asbjørn Morten Korslund [1900-1927] never married; no descendants; died at the age of 26


Kirsti Martine Korslund [1902-1995] married to Ole Walheim; no descendants; died at the age of 93


Bjarne Johannes Korslund [1905-1933] never married; no descendants; died at the age of 27


Arthur Valdemar Korslund [1907-1991] never married; no descendants; died at the age of 83


Gunhild Elfrida Korslund [1910-2011] married Kåre Arnesen; 2 children; died at the age of 101


Julea Syversdatter Fjæstad (Boston Massachusetts USA, ca1895)

Reidun Korslund and Aage Korslund (Norway, 1945)
Grandchildren of Julea and Bernhard

Kirsti Korslund Walheim (Norway, date unknown)
Daughter of Julea and Bernhard

L to R: Hansine Braaten, Kirste Korlund Walheim, Esther Olsen,
Gunhild Korslund Arenesen, Sidsel Arnesen (child),Kåre Arensen, Palmer Olsen (Norway, Summer 1947)

Palmer and Esther Olsen (from Texas) were visiting Palmer's cousins in Norway while Palmer was stationed in Germany after World War II.

Gunhild Korslund and Kåre Arnesen on their Wedding Day (Norway, 19 Dec 1942)
The young girl is Kåre's niece (name unknown).

Letter that accompanied the wedding photo to the left.

An Abbreviated Family Tree

Julea Syversdatter Fjæstad [1872-1925] m. Bernhard Mortensen Korslund [1871-1910]
     A1. Thorvald "Totto" Syver Korslund [1898-1986] m. Golla Nicoline Lindokken [1900]
         B1. Reidun Marie Korslund [1929-1999] m. Kjell Skullestad [1928-1989]
         B2. Aage Willy Korslund [1931-living] m. Haldis Haugen [1933]
     A2. Asbjørn Morten Korslund [1900-1927] N.M.
     A3. Kirsti "Kikken" Martine Korslund [1902-1995] m. Ole Olsen Walheim [1903-1978] N.C.
     A4. Bjarne Johannes Korslund [1905-1933] N.M.
     A5. Arthur Valdemar Korslund [1907-1991] N.M.
     A6. Gunhild Elfrida Korslund [1910-2011] m. Kåre Arnesen [1912-1966]
         B1. Sidsel Arnesen [1945-living] m. Knut Petter Rønnevig [________]