Lina Syversdatter Fjæstad

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Lina Syversdatter Fjaestad
m1. Anton Torkelson
  m2. Oscar Lee Kizziar


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Parents of Julea:   Syver Larsen Fjæstad and Kersti Christensdatter

Siblings of Julea:    Syverine    Helene (Olsen)    *    Karen Mathea    Julea (Korslund)    Lars    Syverine    Anna Marie (Christofferson)    Karoline (Holen)   


Lina was born on 13 Dec 1868 at Gaustadeie in Romedal. She was baptized 10 Jan 1869. She emigrated to America on 04 Sep 1885 at the age of 16, leaving Christiana aboard the ship Angelo for Hull, England. We currently have no information on where she was for her first 10 years in America, but she was possibly in Bosque County, Texas, living with or near her sister Helene.

On 07 Mar 1896, Lina married Anton Torkelson in Bosque County, Texas in 1896. The couple moved to Fort Worth. In the 1900 census, Anton and Lina are living as roomers (Lina is a servant) of the George and Mariah Beggs family on Hill Street (near Ballinger Street) in downtown Fort Worth. Anton is a janitor at the railroad station. Lina is a cook. Anton and Lina had apparently divorced by 1910 because Anton and Lina are no longer living together. She is employed as a servant in the household of Horace and Susie Cobb. On 22 Sep 1913, Lina married Oscar Lee Kizziar in Dallas, Texas. They moved to Altus, Oklahoma. Lina died in 1963 in Mangum, Oklahoma, at the age of 94. She is buried in the Restland Memorial Park Cemetery in Altus, Oklahoma. Lina never had any children.

Baptismal Record of Lina Syversdatter (Romedal Ministerialbok nr.5, s.72, #2)
Baptismal Record of Lina Syversdatter (Romedal Klokkerbok nr.11, s.15, #2)