The Decendants of Syver Larsen Fjæstad and Kirsti Christensdatter

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Syver Larsen Fjæstad
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This site is dedicated to providing and soliciting genealogical information (photos, documents, stories, etc.) on the family of Syver Larsen Fjæstad and Kirsti Christensdatter. The Fjæstad Family originally came from the Hedmarken district of Norway. Hedmarken is in Hedmark fylke in eastern Norway and is comprised of the following four kommune: Hamar, Løten, Ringsaker, and Stange (see maps).

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Biography of Syver Larsen Fjæstad and Kirsti Christensdatter

Syver Larsen Fjæstad was born 15 Jul 1845 at Fjæstad in Romedal, the first child of six born to Lars Syversen Fjæstad and Sigrid Trondsdatter Sæter. He was baptized 10 Aug 1845.

Baptismal Record of Syver Larsen (Romedal Ministerialbok nr.3, s.92, #66)

Syver's wife, Kirsti Christensdatter, was born 09 May 1837 at Lekvolden in Romedal, the third child of four born to Christen Henriksen Bjørnerud and Helene Larsdatter. She was baptized 17 Sep 1837. According to marriage record, Kirsti was born at Vold. Some sources have indicated she was born at Haukserudsven but that is not what is in the baptismal record. She was living on Ostbyeie when she married.

Baptismal Record of Kirsti Christensdatter (Romedal Ministerialbok nr.3, s.54, #86)

Syver, Kirsti, and their first child Syverine were living on Botetil in Romedal during the 1865 census. Although the census shows them to be married, Syver and Kirsti did not marry until 1866, a little over a year after the birth of Syverine. Syver and Kirsti married on 02 Jan 1866 in Romedal kirke. At the time of marriage, Syver was 20 years old, and Kirsti was 28 years old, eight years older than him.

Marriage Record of Syver and Kirsti (Romedal Ministerialbok nr 5, s.210, #1)
Marriage Record of Syver and Kirsti (Romedal Klokkerbok nr.9, s.200, #1)

Syver and Kirsti later lived on Gaustadeie and Gråberget vestre, where Syver was a tenant farmer. Shortly before November 1873, they moved to Heknerydningen. Syver purchased this farm 07 May 1874. Syver and Kirsti lived the rest of their lives at Heknerydningen. Syver was also a timber contractor. Syver and Kirsti had nine children, with six reaching adulthood. Of those six, three emigrated to America and stayed, one emigrated to America but returned to Norway, and two remained in Norway. Syver had two brothers, Jens and Håken, that also emigrated to the United States. Syver died 16 Dec 1923 at the age of 78, and Kirsti died in 10 Oct 1931 at the age of 94, both at Heknerydningen.

Their Children

Syver Larsen and Kirsti Christensdatter had 9 children. Three daughters died young. Of the six children which reached adulthood, two remained in Norway, three emigrated to America, and one emigrated to America but returned to Norway. Only four of the children (Helene, Julea, Lars, and Karoline) have descendants that are living today. Click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Syverine Syversdatter [1864-1874] (no descendants; died young at the age of 9 in Norway)


Helene Syversdatter [1866-1955] (emigrated to the United States; married Petter Olsen; 11 children; died at the age of 89)


Lina Syversdatter [1868-1963] (emigrated to the United States; married twice; no descendants; died at the age of 94)


Karen Mathea Syversdatter [1871-1986] (no descendants; died young at the age of 15 in Norway)


Julea Syversdatter [1872-1925] (emigrated to the United States, married Bernhard Mortensen Korslund and returned to Norway; 6 children; died at the age of 52)


Lars Syversen [1873-1956] (remained in Norway; married twice (Anna Oline Olsdatter Olstad & Olava Larsdatter; 13 children; died at the age of 82)


Syverine Syversdatter [1875-1889] ( no descendants; died young at the age of 13 in Norway)


Anna Marie Syversdatter [1877-1905] (emigrated to the United States; married Syverin Christofferson; 1 child but no other descendants; died at the age of 28)


Karoline Syversdatter [1880-1971] (remained in Norway; married Peder Larsen Holen; 13 children; died at the age of 91)


Syver Larsen Fjæstad as a younger man
(date unknown)

Kersti Christensdatter as a younger woman
(date unknown)

Syver Larsen Fjæstad and wife Kersti Christensdatter
(date unknown)

Kersti Christensdatter as a older woman
(date unknown)

Kersti Christensdatter and Lars Syversen Fjæstad with grandddaughter
(Heknerydningen, 1911)

Lars Syversen Fjæstad and wife Siri Trondsdatter Sæter,
parents of Syver Larsen Fjæstad (date unknown)

Fjæstad Family Tree

Syver Larsen and Kirsti Christensdatter had 9 children, 44 grandchildren, and 76 great-grandchildren. Those shown in blue are known to be deceased. To date, we have identified 469 total descendants.

Forebears First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
(great grandchildren)
Syver Larsen Fjæstad Syverine Syversdatter Fjæstad --- ---
Helene Syversdatter Fjæstad Clara Josephine Olsen Estelle Caroline Harmel
Houston Franklin Harmel Jr
Helen Pauline Harmel
Robert Michael Harmel
Lawrence William Harmel
Lucile Jonell Harmel
Donald Glenn Harmel
Syver Olaf Olsen ---
Selma Lillian Olsen Helen Kestie Solberg
Christian Antone Olsen Mary Helen Olsen
Charles Melvin Olsen
Palmer Hendrick Olsen Virginia Marie Olsen
Annis Louise Olsen
James Lawrence Olsen Helen Elizabeth Olsen
James Lawrence Olsen Jr
Marie Constance Olsen ---
William Thomas Olsen William Thomas Olsen Jr
Carl Edwin Olsen Carl Edwin Olsen Jr
Elsie Jeanette Olsen ---
Robert Franklin Olsen Don Parks Olsen
Lina Syversdatter Fjæstad --- ---
Karen Mathea Syversdatter Fjæstad --- ---
Julea Syversdatter Fjæstad Thorvald Syver Korslund Reidun Marie Korslund
Aage Willy Korslund
Asbjørn Morten Korslund ---
Kirsti Martine Korslund ---
Bjarne Johannes Korslund ---
Arthur Valdemar Korslund ---
Gunhild Elfrida Korslund Sidsel Arnesen
Lars Syversen Fjæstad Klara Anne Larsdatter ---
Emma Larsdatter Alf Egil Larsson
Sigrid Svendby ---
Syver Svendby Anne Marie Svendby
Bjørn Svendby
Tore Svendby
Astrid Oselie Larsdatter Anna Lilli Oppegårdstuen
Lina Olava Larsdatter Arvid Olsen
Ole Petter Olsen
Lars Olsen
Syver Larsen Sverre Drågum
Lars Larsen Else Johanne Larsen
Kirsti Margrethe Larsen
Leif Larsen
Oskar Larsen Laila Larsen
Solveig Ellen Larsen
Kristian Syversen Kjell Syversen Deglum
Leif Syversen
Sverre Syversen Mari Olava Syversen
Else Dagmar Syversen Stig Johan Hermansson
Kjell Ole Hermansson
Anne Lise Hermansson
Lars Olav Hermansson
Svein Erik Hermansson
Terje Hermansson
Kirsti Margrete Syversen Toril Barman
Erik Barman
Sølvi Barman
Syverine Syversdatter Fjæstad --- ---
Anna Marie Syversdatter Fjæstad Carl Christofferson ---
Karoline Syversdatter Fjæstad Lars Holen Solvår Helen Holen
Per Holen
Kari Synnøve Holen
Nora Bergljot Holen
Leif Arne Holen
Syver Holen ---
Kirsti Holen Arve Søbakk
Peder Søbakk
Kåre Søbakk
Synnøve Søbakk
Syver Holen ---
Palma Kjellaug Holen Arne Torolf Michelsen
Bjørg Michelsen
Ruth Michelsen
Ellen Kirsten Michelsen
Eivind Holen Oddvar Holen
Magnil Holen
Sigurd Holen ---
Erling Melvin Holen Reidun Beathe Holen
Jan Erik Holen
Konrad Holen Åge Willy Holen
Bjørg Holen
Torbjørg Holen Edel Larsen
Tor Walter Larsen
Torill Larsen
Eli Asbjørg Holen Else Karin Hanstad
Tor Hanstad
Per Laurits Hanstad
Trygve Holen Tormod Holen
Grethe Holen
Arnt Holen
Gunvor Holen Svein Erik Finstad
Arne Finstad