Lars Syversen Fjæstad and Family

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Lars Syversen Fjaestad
married 1st Anna Oline Olsdatter Olstad
married 2nd Olava Larsdatter


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Parents of Lars:   Syver Larsen Fjæstad and Kersti Christensdatter

Siblings of Lars:    Syverine    Helene (Olsen)    Lina (Torkelson/Kizziar)    Karen Mathea    Julea (Korslund)    *    Syverine    Anna Marie (Christofferson)    Karoline (Holen)   

Children of Lars and Anna:    Klara (Karlsson)    Emma (Larsson)    Sigrid    Syver    Astrid (Oppegårdstuen)   

Children of Lars and Olava:    Lina (Olsen)    Syver    Lars    Oskar    Kristian    Sverre    Else (Hermansson)    Kirsti (Barman)   


Lars was born on 20 Nov 1873 at Heknerydningen in Romedal. He was baptized 22 Mar 1874. Lars married Anna Olsdatter Olstad, and they had five children. Lars and his family were living at Fjæstad in 1900 with his grandmother Sigrid Trondsdatter, who owned the farm. Unfortunately, Lars and Anna did not get along very well.Lars had a child with the family maid Olava Larsdatter while he was still married. Lars subsequently left the farm and his family in Romedal and moved to Vinstra with Olava. Lars got divorced and married Olava. According to the baptismal record of some of their children, Lars and Olava married in 1906, probably on Jan 29. However, it is unclear in what parish they were married as the marriage record has not yet been located. Lars had eight children with Olava. Anna remarried to Johan Svenby and had six more children with him.

Baptismal Record of Lars Syversen (Romedal Ministerialbok nr.5, s.107, #14)
Baptismal Record of Lars Syversen (Romedal Klokkerbok nr.11, s.47, #14)
Marriage Record of Lars and Anna (Romedal Ministerialbok nr.10, s.220, #7)
1900 Census Record for Lars, Anna, Olava, and children
1910 Census Record for Lars, Olava, and children


Lars and Anna had 5 children. If there is a link, click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Klara Larsdatter [1894-1994] married Johan Karlsson; no children?; died at the age of 100


Emma Larsdatter [1896-1980] married Wilhelm Larsson; one child; died at the age of 84


Sigrid Larsdatter Svendby [1898-1993] never married; no descendants; died at the age of 95


Syver Larsen Svendby [1900-1992] married Klara LNU; 3 children; died at the age of 91


Astrid Larsdatter [1902-1999] married twice (Laurits Fassengen & Halvdan Oppegårdstuen); 1 child; died at the age of 97

Lars and Olava had 8 children. If there is a link, click on one of the children below to see further information on that child.


Lina Olava Syversen [1901-1987] married Odd Olsen; 3 children; died at the age of 86


Syver Larsen [1903-1951] married Sigrid Haug; 1 child; died at the age of 47


Lars Larsen [1906-1972] married Harriet Kihle; 3 children; died at the age of 66


Oskar Syversen [1909-1980] married Anne Line Jondalen; 2 children; died at the age of 71


Kristian Syversen [1911-1986] married Harriet Gulbransen; 2 children; died at the age of 75


Sverre Syversen [1914-1987] married Anna Røen; 1 child; died at the age of 72


Else Dagmar Syversen [1920-????] married Herman Hermansson; 6 children; died at the age unknown


Kirsti Margrete Syversen [1925-2007] married Ole Barman; 3 children; died at the age of 82


Lars Syversen Fjæstad on the mountain (near Vinstra, 1947)

View from Lars Syversen Fjæstad's cabin (near Vinstra, 1947)

Lars Syversen Fjæstad with his sheep (near Vinstra, 1947)

Annis Olsen and her father Palmer Olsen in front of Lars Syversen Fjæstad's cabin (near Vinstra, summer 1947)

Annis and Palmer Olsen (from Texas) were visiting Palmer's Uncle Lars in Norway while Palmer was stationed in Germany after World War II.

Lars Syversen and family (date unknown)
Left to right: ??? (baby), ??? (girl), Olava (wife), ??? (boy), Lars
Any one that knows which children these are, please email me.

An Abbreviated Family Tree

Lars Syversen Fjæstad [1873-1956] m1. Anna Oline Olsdatter Olstad [1872-1963]
    ¹A1. Klara Anne Larsdatter [1894-1994] m. Johan August Karlsson [1888-1973]
    ¹A2. Emma Larsdatter [1896-1980] m. Wilhelm Larsson [1882-1942]
         B1. Alf Egil Larsson [1920-2012] m. Dagny Johnsson [1927]
    ¹A3. Sigrid Svendby (Sigrid Larsdatter) [1898-1993]
    ¹A4. Syver Svendby (Syver Larsen) [1900-1992] m. Klara __________ [1907-1965]
         B1. Anne Marie Svendby [1926] m. Gisle Opsal [1919-1988]
         B2. Bjørn Svendby [1930-1998] m. Klara __________ [1953]
         B3. Tore Svendby [1947] m. Marit __________ [________]
    ¹A5. Astrid Oselie Larsdatter [1902-1999] m1. Laurits Fassengen [________]
                                              m2. Halvdan Oppegårdstuen [1890-____]
        ²B1. Anna Lilli Oppegårdstuen [1923] m. Ottar Westerhaug [1921]

Lars Syversen Fjæstad [1873-1956] m2. Olava Larsdatter [1885-1955]

    ²A6. Lina Olava Larsdatter [1901-1987] m. Odd Olsen [1907-1968]
         B1. Arvid Olsen [1936-2011] m. Aase Amundgard [________]
         B2. Ole Petter Olsen [1938] m. Gerd Maageng [________]
         B3. Lars Olsen [1939] m. Anne Mari Mølmen [________]
    ²A7. Syver Larsen [1904-1951] m. Sigrid Haug [________]
         B1. Sverre Drågum (Sverre Larsen) [1935] m. Karin __________ [________]
    ²A8. Lars Larsen [1906-1972] m. Harriet Kihle [________]
         B1. Else Johanne Larsen [________] m. Rolf Johansen [________]
         B2. Kirsti Margrethe Larsen [________] m. Kristian Haugen [________]
         B3. Leif Larsen [________] m. ________ __________ [________]
    ²A9. Oskar Larsen [1909-1980] m. Anne Line Endresdatter Jondalen [1911-1985]
         B1. Laila Larsen [________] m. Arne Trollerud [________]
         B2. Solveig Ellen Larsen [1945-2001] m. Bjørn Skjønsholt [________]
   ²A10. Kristian Syversen [1911-1986] m. Harriet M____ Gulbrandsen [1913-2009]
         B1. Kjell Syversen Deglum [1942] m1. Unni __________ [________]
                                          m2. Solfrid Myrvang [________]
         B2. Leif Syversen [1945] m. Eva Dokken [________]
   ²A11. Sverre Syversen [1914-1987] m. Anna Røen [________]
         B1. Mari Olava Syversen [1956] m. Ole Petter Kleiven [________]
   ²A12. Else Dagmar Syversen [1920-????] m. Herman Hermansson [1919-1986]
         B1. Stig Johan Hermansson [1947] m. Anne-Lise Lilleseter [1958]
         B2. Kjell Ole Hermansson [1949] m. Randi Wold [1955]
         B3. Anne Lise Hermansson [1953]
         B4. Lars Olav Hermansson [1956]
         B5. Svein Erik Hermansson [1959] m. Ina Nylund [1964]
         B6. Terje Hermansson [1961] m. Lill __________ [________]
   ²A13. Kirsti Margrete Syversen [1925-2007] m. Ole Gerhard Barman [1918-2002]
         B1. Toril Barman [1949] m. Kim Hansen [1948]
         B2. Erik Barman [1955] m1. Janet Sanders [1959]
                                m2. Darcie __________ [________]
         B3. Sølvi Barman [1957] m1. Rune Linnerud [1958]
                                 m2. Pedro Emanuel Gonzalez [1962]